Constance Nunes Flaunts Unbelievably Long Legs, Goes Pantsless For Sultry Super Bowl Themed Snapshot

Constance Nunes has made quite a name for herself recently, starring in the reality TV vehicle Car Masters: Rust to Riches, in addition to her vibrant and burgeoning modeling career. In her most recent Instagram share, however, she’s making it quite clear that she’s able to capitalize on her beauty as well as on current trends.

In this particular image, Constance can be seen tossing a football up into the air — though whether the football is real or a computer generated asset added in post-production seems to be in question. With a breathy, dramatic expression on her face, the American model looks captivated by the subject of her desires — staring at the camera lens with a smoldering glare. Her lips are parted and are painted a pretty nude shade, and a slight bit of rouge has been added to her cheekbones. Long lashes are joined by perfectly sculpted brows in framing her deep brown eyes.

However, the star of the show is clearly Constance Nunes’ enviable figure, further emphasized by her wearing a fitted sweater which clings to every curve imaginable. The design is at once casual yet fashionable, and the hemline falls quite high — revealing the reality TV starlet’s toned thighs and impossibly long legs. In tandem with the hand-on-hip pose — one which cinches the fabric of the sweater about her waist — Constance’s extreme hourglass figure is further emphasized.

The brunette bombshell’s signature dark locks are styled severely straight and are blown out to fall about the entirety of her shoulders. She chose to keep her accessories simple — a pair of large statement earrings, a number of rings, and a simple bracelet can be seen in the photographic frame.

In the caption attending the image, Constance Nunes makes it clear that while her two teams are out, she’ll be rooting for the hometown Rams in today’s Super Bowl contest. Going up against the New England Patriots — in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Mercedes-Benz Arena — the Los Angeles Rams are the underdog in the betting markets, per CBS Sports.

This news didn’t seem to faze Nunes’ fans, however, who quickly lavished her sultry snapshot with over 3,000 likes and dozens of comments in very short order.

“So you look gorgeous as always Constance but I’m from NH and I have to vote for the GOAT!!! #gopatriots!! Luv ya,” one user wrote.

A second Instagram fan instead opted to side with Constance in her choice of team, writing, “we are all Rams fans today,” followed by a grinning emoji.

No matter the outcome of the game, one this is certain — Constance Nunes is one of the hottest names in the contemporary modeling industry, and her admirers can’t wait to see what sexy snapshots she will share next.