John Legend & Adam Levine Sing ‘Stinky Booty’ Song For Super Bowl Ad, Chrissy Teigen Does Not Approve

Larry BusaccaGetty Images

Famous crooners John Legend and Adam Levine join forces in a hilarious new advertisement for Pampers, and it looks like Chrissy Teigen may not exactly approve. In her latest Instagram post, Teigen shared the commercial clip — one in which her husband opens up the proceedings by singing a song about “stinky booty” as he changes the diaper of their youngest child, 8-month-old son Miles.

Eldest daughter to Legend and Teigen, Luna, is called in for some backup as John Legend struggles with the stench of a soiled diaper in humorous fashion. Tearing a baby wipe away, and tossing it towards her father with aplomb, Luna puts in an admirable effort in helping to assuage the situation.

Immediately afterward, Legend — and a chorus of fathers appearing seemingly out of nowhere — proceed to sing a gospel-inspired song focused on someone, quite obviously the baby being changed, having a “stinky booty.” All ranges of voice seem to be included, from tenor to bass, and the production level is very high.

After the men have made their opinions plain on the matter, a quick cut is made to a new father-and-baby team of Adam Levine and his little one. Adding the final poignant note of “… and daddy’s gonna clean it up,” Levine delivers his line with a seriousness that belies the subject matter. He boops the little baby on the nose in an adorable fatherhood moment before turning to catch Chrissy Teigen entering the scene.

“Must we do this every time?” an obviously agitated and exasperated Chrissy Teigen states as she rounds the corner, having been greeted by Levine. The Pampers advertisement closes out with their logo, and the Instagram share made by Teigen makes it very clear that this is a promotional post.

Despite having been posted only minutes ago as of this writing, Chrissy’s latest promotional share has been a smash-hit. Over 300,000 users took the time to lavish a like on the cute yet funny ad, and thousands more took to the comments section to leave a complimentary note.

“So cute!! My husband is guilty of singing about EVERYTHING with our son. I’m sure he’ll be singing this later,” one user wrote, while a second Instagram fan made a joke about Legend’s alleged resemblance to children’s cartoon figure Arthur, from the show of the same name.

“Arthur has for real stepped us his baby changing game.”

The clip is set to air during the Super Bowl, according to Billboard. If fan reaction so far is any indication, the comedic Pampers ad is already a rousing success.