Egg That Beat Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Record Will Appear In Hulu Super Bowl Commercial


We may finally get to the bottom of the mastermind behind the egg that beat Kylie Jenner’s Instagram record, the Verge is reporting. Last month, an account called world_record_egg was created with the sole purpose of uploading a simple picture of an egg in an attempt to get the most Instagram likes on a single picture ever. The record was previously held by Jenner, who posted a photo liked 18 million times. The picture of the egg quickly broke this record, and it currently has 52.1 million likes.

The 9.9 million followers may have noticed the egg has been posting more photos, with the egg gradually cracking more and more. On February 2, the egg had laces on it to depict a football. The caption said that “all will be revealed” during the Super Bowl. They also tagged the streaming service Hulu in the caption. It’s also been confirmed that Hulu has purchased a 30-second commercial to air, although the company has been secretive about what they will be advertising. It should be noted, however, that Hulu’s official Instagram has “get crackin'” in its bio section. They’ve also recently tweeted #EggGang” with an egg emoji.

An ad featured during the Super Bowl costs a pretty penny — reportedly as much as $10 million. Still, Hulu is certainly able to afford it, especially with the new customers racing to the streaming service. Hulu recently lowered the cost of their base subscription from $7.99 to $5.99, garnering even more subscribers since rival streaming company Netflix decided to raise their subscription prices. It’s safe to say the person behind the mysterious egg account will be raking in some dough from this too.

Many are speculating that the egg’s caption is hinting towards the creator of the account finally coming forward and taking ownership of the viral sensation. The account creator has insisted on staying mum about her identity. According to Variety, all the account creator would confirm is that she is a female and is not affiliated with any company or organization. People have been very curious about the genius that was able to dethrone Instagram queen Jenner.

In response to the egg’s takeover, Jenner posted a video of her throwing an egg on the ground so it cracks. “Take that little egg,” she wrote in the caption. The egg has certainly made its mark in the social media zeitgeist. We’ll have to wait and see to learn if the Hulu ad will also achieve viral status.