Joey Lawrence Predicts Which Houseguest He Thinks Will Take It All On ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Monty BrintonCBS

Warning: This article reveals the winner of the fourth Head of Household not yet aired on CBS.

Joey Lawrence spent 18 days in the Celebrity Big Brother house and was the third houseguest evicted by his fellow roommates. In a unanimous vote, Joey was shown the door over Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss. After being evicted, Joey caught up with Entertainment Weekly to discuss his time in the house and make predictions about the season’s big winner.

After discussing the drama within the house and explaining how hard it was for him to be in there amid all of it, Joey made his choice for who could take home the win for Season 2.

“I think the person who probably has the edge right now might be Tamar because at the end of the day I don’t think Natalie and Lolo can really stand up to her. She’s a very powerful person and likes to overpower you with her emotion, although Lolo is pretty much out of control most of the time. She’s not strong. Tamar is stronger than her. I would say Tamar at the moment unless something drastic happens.”

What Joey did not know at the time is that Tamar nabbed the fourth Head of Household honor shortly after he was given the boot. The singer beat out seven other houseguests in a quiz competition to take home HOH, making her the first female in the season to do so. This gives Tamar a big responsibility to choose which side of the house will remain in power for the rest of the season.

When it came to other houseguests, Joey noted that he felt former NFL player Ricky Williams was very sneaky and said he didn’t have any genuine moments with him in the house. The actor also commented on Dina Lohan, saying she keeps a very low profile but he never got to learn anything about her. As for Ryan Lochte, Joey said he was the closest to the swimmer and has already heard from him since his eviction.

Joey had no issues dishing on Lolo in his exit interview, which the Inquisitr previously reported on. Joey laughed as he said Lolo “burns hot” and was prone to becoming extremely emotional over nothing.

The next two episodes of Celebrity Big Brother air on Monday, February 4, and Thursday, February 7, both at 9 p.m. EST. A special two-hour episode will follow on Friday, February 8. Monday and Friday’s episodes will both feature evictions.