Ireland Baldwin Flaunts Cleavage In Wet White Tank Top On Instagram

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Ireland Baldwin made the most out of a rainy day, and shared it with her fans on Instagram. The model wore a thin-strapped white tank top with a very low cut as she relaxed in her jacuzzi. Ireland posted a selfie to her account, where she posed with a drink in her hand. She also posted a short video of the dip as an Instagram Story, showing her with her mouth open until she dunked her head underwater. Since then, Baldwin’s shared a second photo showing a sign for the city of Weed, along with more pictures of her dogs, and cookies that she was baking.

It seems like Ireland is wishing she were traveling, because she’s been sprinkling in photos of different landscapes in her feed recently. This includes a photo of an idyllic cabin kitchen, a mountain view with cacti in the foreground, and a beautiful watering hole filled with people enjoying themselves at the beach.

It’s also worth noting that Ireland has updated her profile photo. Instead of using a picture of herself, she has opted for a completely black image. Right after Trump was elected as president, many users chose to protest by blacking out their profile photos, detailed Mic. Perhaps Baldwin is alluding to something political with her profile photo. This wouldn’t be all that surprising, considering she’s been vocal — from time to time — about how she feels about Trump.

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jacuzzi + rain + my stalker ????

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For example, Ireland recently re-tweeted a comment by Jesse Tyler Ferguson that read, “Your idiocy would be hilarious if you weren’t president.” Also, she responded to Trump’s post about “What the h*ll is going on with Global Warming?” in reference to the polar vortex. She replied with a simple message.

“I want to global warm you into a wall,” she wrote.

With all that being said, the model has previously opened up to Genlux Magazine about some of the hardest times she’s dealt with in her life.

“My parents split up when I was 7 or 8. I was living in New York and my mom moved me back to LA. My dad stayed in New York. My parents had a long custody battle over me. It was a bloody divorce. I don’t believe any child should have to speak to lawyers and deal with that. That took up a big chunk of my life. I was being dragged and torn in different directions.”

Ireland Baldwin is the daughter of well-known actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.

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sometimes I do my own makeup ????????‍♀️ tagged brands used ♥️

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