Joey Lawrence Admits It Was Very Difficult Being In The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ House

Monty BrintonCBS

Not everyone is having a great time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and the most recently evicted roommate can attest to that. Saturday night saw the boot of Blossom actor Joey Lawrence, who clearly was not too upset about his departure. Joey explained in his speech that there would be no hard feelings if he was voted out, and it would only mean it wasn’t his destiny to win the game.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly after his eviction, the actor explained why he didn’t have a lot of fun in the Celebrity Big Brother house. EW commented that Jonathan Bennett — the season’s first evicted houseguest — said there was a lot of tension brewing in the house, and inquired if Joey felt the same way.

“I totally agree. Last season, there were a lot more people who were in the right mind to play this game. This year, people came in hot and emotional. These are grown adults throwing f-bombs. With all the stuff going on in the world today, people want to turn on the TV and watch people having fun with the game.”

Joey is referencing the drama surrounding Lolo Jones and Tamar Braxton, who have been caught dozens of times on the live feeds cursing and getting into spats with one another and several of the other roommates. When asked if Joey thought the women were the issue in the house, he agreed again. According to the actor, the women entered the game feeling more emotional than the men. He explained that the female contestants were the ones throwing low blows and that they couldn’t control their use of foul language.

Without naming any names, Joey noted he could never get a word in edgewise with the group because “they suck up all the energy in the room and then a few of them get extremely angry and personal.” The Melissa & Joey actor commented again that people are tuning into Celebrity Big Brother to be entertained, not to watch celebrities belittle and scream at each other.

When asked if he had fun in the house, Joey replied with an “um, yes” and explained that reality television just wasn’t for him, though he thanked CBS for the opportunity. Joey explained that it was hard to be in the house for so long with all the negative energy, but he was thankful for the friendship he made with Ryan Lochte.

The next two episodes of Celebrity Big Brother air on Monday, February 4 and Thursday, February 7, both at 9 p.m. ET. A special two-hour episode will follow on Friday, February 8. Monday and Friday’s episodes will both feature evictions.