Paris Hilton Wears A Crop Top That’s Too Small On Instagram

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Paris Hilton shared a new photo of herself wearing a crop top that’s too small, as she flaunted her curves on Instagram. In the image, Hilton sported a short pixie cut, along with an ultra high- waisted skirt that reached almost to her chest. She also wore dark eyeliner and pink lipstick as she pouted for the camera. This photo was preceded by a photo of herself sitting with her right shoulder facing the camera, as the tank top she was wearing was falling down her arm. Paris had her hair covering her face partially, as it was in a messy, chic hairstyle.

Her newest video shows Paris freestyling with Snoop Dogg. She wore a blue sparkly dress with tassels, while Snoop rocked a black suit. The video was edited so some of the phrases and video were repeated. At the beginning of the video, Snoop told Paris that he wanted to freestyle with her, and she immediately obliged.

It’s clear that the two have a good friendship, considering he’s been spotted in her Instagram feed every now and again. For example, Snoop Dogg attended her Christmas party, and was featured in several posts as he hung out with Paris and enjoyed the night.

Not too long ago, Paris split from her then-fiance Chris Zylka. She seemed to be very focused on her career afterwards, as she detailed to People Magazine her plans.

“What’s next? World domination. I’m just going to continue working hard, living life to the fullest, releasing new products, music, and DJ-ing around the world. Just being a boss babe and killing it.”

Moreover, Hilton noted that “I travel throughout the year whether it’s to DJ or my product launches. I love meeting with my fans around the world and getting to spend time with them, and it’s important for me to optimize my time when I’m in these different cities and countries and visit local charities and give back.”

With over 10.3 million followers on Instagram, there’s plenty of fans to greet Paris wherever she may go. She often reposts fans’ images and videos of her on her Stories, which gives you an idea of how much she appreciates her followers. There’s still plenty of references to the Simple Life sprinkled throughout by fans, while Paris has noted in the past that her goal was to move past her reality TV image and establish herself as a businesswoman.