Meghan Markle Hires Personal Birthing Partner In Preparation For Royal Birth

Chris JacksonGetty Image

As her due date draws closer, Meghan Markle is preparing for the birth of her first child with Prince Harry, and the former actress is shaking things up in the royal family. According to Us Weekly, Markle has hired a birthing partner to help her and Prince Harry through the delivery process. This is the first time a member of the royal family has employed a doula.

And while Markle’s big day is still several months away, the royal couple has already been working consistently with the birthing coach. Prince Harry has reportedly been extremely involved in the proceedings, working alongside his wife to learn all he can about the birthing process, and how to keep Markle relaxed and comfortable during the entire experience.

“Meghan is focused on calm and positive energy around the birth — she’s a big believer in that,” a source close to the couple said in an interview. According to reports, the couple, who wed in May of 2018, is expecting their first child together to be born some time in April.

According to sources, the location of the royal birth has already been picked out — and it has serious sentimental value for the whole family. As reported by the Daily Mail, Markle will supposedly give birth in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London. It’s the same spot where her sister-in-law Kate Middleton gave birth to all three of her own children. Staff at the famous hospital have been told not to take any time off in April, although officially the location of the birth has not been confirmed.

As excitement ramps up about the royal baby, fans are eager to learn more about Markle’s birthing plan, as well as the woman who will hold her hand during the whole ordeal. Lauren Mischon is allegedly the doula who will aid the royal couple, according to sources close to the family.

Mischon already has a history with the royals. She’s married to Oliver Mischon, who is the grandson of the man behind the legal firm that helped with Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ divorce back in 1996.

While doulas across the country, and indeed the world, are clamoring for details about the birth, Mischon has remained coy about whether or not she’ll be helping Markle welcome her first child. On a birthing forum, Mischon was directly asked if she’ll be assisting the royal family come April, and the doula’s response only added fuel to the rumor fire.

“I’m busy in Spring,” the doula wrote. “I could not possible say.” She ended the post with a winking emoji — hinting once again that when Markle is ready to give birth, Mischon could very well be right beside her.