Meghan Markle Might Not Be Using The Lindo Wing Maternity Ward After All, Per ‘Town And Country’

Chris Jackson Getty Images

The Lindo Wing may be where the vast majority of royal babies have been born so far, but Meghan Markle might be eschewing the maternity ward of St. Mary’s Hospital in London if recent gossip is to be believed.

According to Town and Country Magazine, Princess Diana, Princess Anne, and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge all chose to give birth here. With as little as three or four months to go before Markle gives birth, royal correspondent Victoria Murphy noted that the place where Meghan will be giving birth is apparently still up in the air at this point in time.

“Until they make an announcement, we don’t know.”

While all pregnant women have many things to consider before they choose where they are going to give birth, as a member of the royal family, Meghan Markle will have all of these things to consider and more. Privacy may perhaps be one of her greatest concerns when choosing the right place to have her baby delivered.

“What the palace officials have to take into consideration is the danger of disrupting day-to-day services of hospitals and maternity wards,” Murphy explained. This is why the Lindo Wing maternity ward would make sense in many ways, as Markle would simply be able to plan her stay in advance in this private space.

“Obviously the Lindo Wing is unmatched when it comes to privacy, security and world class medical care,” an unnamed royal reporter stated, vouching for the Lindo Wing. Furthermore, they also stated that this section of St. Mary’s hospital “has unmatched amenities and is probably the most ‘luxurious’ hospital in the U.K.”

If you’re wondering just how luxurious this wing would be for the next royal baby’s birth, the unnamed reporter noted that if Meghan Markle were to give birth here, she would have access to her own private bathroom, and would also have access to special services, which would entitle her to things like massages, giving her the ultimate luxury experience.

However, since Meghan and Prince Harry will be living in Windsor by the time she gives birth, traveling to London may not be something that the royal couple really wants to do, especially when they will be safely tucked away in their Frogmore Cottage home very soon. For this reason, Frimley Park Hospital may make much more sense than the Lindo Wing maternity ward of St. Mary’s.

It should also be noted that Lady Louise Windsor was born here in 2003 after Sophie, the Countess of Wessex chose to use this hospital instead of the more traditional St. Mary’s. One anonymous royal reporter recounts how “the hospital quite literally saved her life and the life of her baby.”

While the Telegraph recently hinted that Meghan Markle was very likely to give birth at the Lindo Wing — after it was reported that hospital staff was asked not to go away on vacation during April — this could just be a publicity stunt to keep her choice in hospital private up until the very end.

With rumors continuing to swirl over where Meghan Markle will be giving birth — whether it’s the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s or elsewhere — there is always the suggestion of a home birth, which Vanity Fair reported on in November.