Two Firefighters Die In Lodge Fire, Two Others Injured

Bryan, TX — Two firefighters died in a lodge fire in Texas, while two others were injured battling the blaze.

The two lieutenants died after suffering from burns sustained during the fire. City spokeswoman Mary Lynne Stratta stated that their names were Gregory Pickard and Eric Wallace.

The two were among a group of firefighters who responded to the blaze Friday night. They entered the burning lodge hall, but they didn’t come out when they were ordered to evacuate, reports ABC News.

Stratta said of Wallace, 36, who died at the scene, “He called for help, said he was low on air.” Pickard and two other firefighters, Rickey Mantey Jr. and Mitchel Moran, were sent in to help Wallace. But the lodge’s roof collapsed in flames.

Rapid response units were able to recover the men from the scene. Wallace died at the scene, while Pickard, 54, passed away at a hospital in Galveston on Saturday. Mantey, 30, and Moran, 21, were also injured, though they are in stable condition.

Yahoo! News notes that the cause of the lodge fire that killed the two firefighters is under investigation. There was nothing being held at the hall at the time of the fire. Fire Chief Randy McGregor spoke about the four firefighters, saying:

“These four courageous individuals represent the best of the procession and are true heroes in every sense of the word.”

Wallace was a 13-year veteran of the Bryan Fire Department, while Pickard was a 32-year veteran. Funeral services for Wallace will take place on Thursday in Bryan. Services for Pickard are still pending.

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