‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Fourth HOH Revealed

Sonja FlemmingCBS

The fourth Head of Household has been crowned in the Celebrity Big Brother house. A prompt HOH competition took place after Saturday night’s live eviction and was completed rather quickly. The live feeds went down for approximately two hours before returning, and photos on Twitter revealed the HOH competition to be some sort of quiz. Many quiz competitions in Big Brother are true/false questions where competitors are knocked out if they answer a question wrong and the last man standing wins HOH.

Big Brother Daily is reporting that Tamar Braxton won the fourth HOH, being the first female of the season to do so. Tom Green and Kato Kaelin looked defeated in the house after the competition and were the only two houseguests missing from a celebration between the other roommates. Ricky Williams made a comment to Tamar during the celebratory party saying that the nomination ceremony was going to be “lit” to which Tamar laughed and agreed.

Tamar is the fourth HOH following Ryan Lochte, Kato Kaelin, and Tom Green. The Braxton Family Values star has been going back and forth between alliances all season and although she is currently a part of any solid alliance, she is likely to place Tom and Kato on the block after getting into it with both of them in the past few weeks.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Tamar has had an issue with Kato since he nominated her for eviction previously. The singer was upset that Kato brought up her son in his nomination speech, saying he nominated her because she mentioned wanting to go home to see her child. Kato didn’t mean anything negative by bringing up her son, but the reality star didn’t take it so innocently.

An even bigger issue emerged between Kato and Tamar after Lolo let her frenemy in on a comment the actor had previously made. Kato joked behind Tamar’s back that she should have seen her nomination coming because she looked like television psychic Miss Cleo. A confrontation between the two ensued with Tamar calling Kato a racist and sexist. Needless to say, Kato can expect to be thrown on the block by Tamar this week and she’ll likely get it out of the way instead of planning a backdoor.

The next two episodes of Celebrity Big Brother air on Monday, February 4 and Thursday, February 7 both at 9 p.m. EST. A special two-hour episode will follow on Friday, February 8. Monday and Friday’s episodes will both feature evictions.