Serena Williams And Rita Ora Team Up For Bumble Super Bowl Ad

Julian FinneyGetty Image

Tennis legend Serena Williams and singing sensation Rita Ora have joined forces with Bumble for its new, powerful Super Bowl ad. Bumble, a popular app that empowers women to date, network, and make friends online, tapped the two superstars for its new campaign, ‘The Ball is in Her Court.’

The video features tennis icon Williams, and shows the times she took the initiative and made the first move — and how that changed her life forever. Set to Ora’s international hit song “Soul Survivor,” the video follows Williams through past triumphs on the court, including actual footage of her tennis victories. This is interspersed with filmed footage, including a young black woman picking up a tennis ball and stepping onto the court, a group of young girls posing for photographs with Williams, and even Williams herself practicing tennis in an empty court.

There are tons of personal touches throughout the ad, which marks the first time Bumble has ever opted for a Super Bowl commercial. Williams is seen working on her clothing line, affixing a patch — with the word ‘Slay’ on it — to a model. A photo of her on her wedding day alongside husband and Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian is also featured. It’s a combination of a powerful tribute to a legendary athlete and a celebration of how Bumble encourages people to connect and make the first move in taking control of their lives.

“At such a pivotal time for women across the globe, this commercial seeks to inspire all of us to seize opportunity wherever it presents itself,” Williams said about the ad, as reported by Refinery29. “I want women to feel empowered to find their voice and use the power within to create change, to lift each other up, and to never let the world tell us we can’t – because we can, and we will.”

Ora’s contribution, in the form of her hit song “Soul Survivor,” adds emphasis to the idea that woman can take control of their lives, and use that power to enact change and make a difference. It’s all part of Bumble’s ongoing campaign to promote “First Move Monday,” a new initiative encouraging Bumble users to make the first move.

Starting on February 4, the Monday following the Super Bowl, Bumble will make a donation to the Yetunde Price Resource Center for every move made on the app. This will last throughout the week, ending on February 8. The charity was specially chosen by Williams, and is particularly near and dear to her heart.

That’s not the only way Bumble is using Williams and Ora to make history. The commercial marks the first time a Super Bowl ad bowl was made almost entirely by a female team, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.