Victoria’s Secret Model Shanina Shaik Shows Off Incredible Physique In Blue Thong Bikini

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Shanina Shaik is showing off her famous body, wearing a blue thong bikini for a day out on a yacht in Miami and getting some viral attention for it.

The Victoria’s Secret model was photographed on a day out for fellow model Jasmin Tookes’s 28th birthday, with Shaik stealing the show in swimwear that showed off her famous physique. The Daily Mail published some pictures of Shaik in her revealing bikini and noted her unique style.

“Featuring a ’90’s-inspired sports bikini top in a vivid cobalt shade, Shanina’s attire certainly turned heads,” the report noted. “She teamed up the sizzling ensemble with thong briefs and accessorized the look with a pink Balenciaga cap.”

Shaik herself posted some pictures of the yacht outing on her Instagram page, giving followers a close-up view of the thong bikini as she lounged in the sun.

The pictures were a huge hit with her 1.6 million followers, with many of them leaving supportive messages and expressing their astonishment at her physique.

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It’s no accident that Shanina Shaik looks so great. The 27-year-old has spoken about the very strict diet and fitness regimen that keeps her body looking bikini-ready all the time, including a focus on eating only lean protein and steamed vegetables and eliminating sugar-filled fruits and alcohol.

“In the morning I start off my day with hot water and lemon, and then I might just have two boiled eggs with a bit of avocado or smoked salmon, or just a green juice which is more plant-based,” she said (via the Daily Mail), noting that dinner is usually consisting of “steamed or boiled fish with steamed vegetables or a vegetable stir-fry, sometimes adding in lean protein. It’s pretty simple and easy.”

But it wasn’t always so easy for Shaik, who told Fox News that the start to her modeling career in Australia was a bit rocky because of her unconventional looks, not conforming to the norm of other models.

“And at times I didn’t fit into a category of a look. I wasn’t Caucasian, I wasn’t black, I wasn’t Asian…. certainly, there were times that I just didn’t get the jobs I wanted,” said Shaik, whose father is Pakistani and whose mother is from Lithuanian descent.

Shanina Shaik is not shy about flaunting her famous body, either. When she’s not modeling lingerie for Victoria’s Secret, she is often taking to Instagram page to show off pictures of herself in various stages of undress, including a viral shot posted last month that showed her in the nude.

More pictures of Shanina Shaik rocking her bikini body can be found on her Instagram page.