Natalie Roser Rocks Thong Bodysuit For A ‘Good Morning’ Post On Instagram

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Natalie Roser has been posting amazing photos from her skiing trip in Japan, and her newest Instagram update shows her saying good morning to her fans in an unexpected way. The model posed for the photo in a bright pink thong bodysuit, as she sat upright in her hotel bed surrounded by white pillows and sheets.

Natalie sat in front of the large windows, which revealed an equally white landscape that was completely covered with snow. She captioned the photo saying “Good morning” in Japanese, as fans went wild and left her great comments like, “Savage,” “Pretty in pink,” and “Beautiful.”

This is hardly the first sexy photo that Roser has shared since the trip started. After all, she went fully nude for a photo taken at a natural hot spring bath. Plus, the model shared a couple of photos of herself in a bra and bikini top, which she paired with a bodysuit for snowboarding.

In a photo she posted yesterday, for example, Roser struck a pose in a white bra with her arms in the sky. Her bodysuit was mostly unzipped and exposed her torso, as she smiled and closed her eyes. She commented that it was as cold as people imagined it to be, but she did what she had to do to capture a great photo.

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No doubt the model is having a blast right now, as she enjoys snowboarding as well as skiing. And it’s clear that her fans are enjoying her updates, and are hoping for more in the coming days.

Natalie’s doing well for herself in the modeling industry now, but that wasn’t always the case. She previously opened up to the Daily Mail about some of her previous struggles, which included depression and illness following attempts to stay on a diet.

“I went off sugar and got really confused and felt sick and depressed. I cut out all fruits, all carbs, I don’t know what I was doing — it was nuts. I actually don’t remember what I actually ate, I kind of blocked it all out.”

“Obviously all the travel and being in what’s known as such a toxic city like LA, it was really nice to come back to Australia and start my detox process,” she also noted.

The model moved to Los Angeles with her significant other in 2018, so the holidays were extra special for her as they both traveled back to Australia for quality time with family and friends.