February 2, 2019
WWE News: AJ Styles On The Idea That He's Signed A New Deal WIth WWE - 'I Know Nothing About This'

With a number of WWE superstars recently requesting their release from the company and All Elite Wrestling on the rise, things have become interesting lately. Dean Ambrose is on his way out. Hideo Itami has requested his release. The Revival is said to want to leave. Now, former WWE Champion AJ Styles is said to have signed a brand new deal to remain with the company, but he doesn't appear to know anything about it.

In January of 2016, AJ Styles finally made his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble and he's most certainly had a very successful career to this point. The former WWE Champion lost the title to Daniel Bryan a while back, but he's remained in the main event scene and is one of the top superstars on SmackDown Live.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Styles' contract with WWE is set to expire in April and many had wondered if he would re-sign with the company. Up until this point, there has been no confirmation either way, but it's been believed that he would eventually agree to a new deal.

According to Wrestling News World, there has been confirmation that Styles has come to terms and agreed upon everything needed for a new deal. They did not reveal any details of the new contract as they are yet unknown, but apparently, Styles is staying put for a while in WWE.

WWE has not yet announced any new deal between them and AJ Styles, and the details likely won't be known until that happens. The thing is, Wrestling News World is saying they have received confirmation that the contract is agreed upon and all is complete but is it really?

Not too long after that article started making the social media rounds, the SmackDown Live superstar caught wind of it. Styles took it upon himself to respond to the claims and he doesn't seem to know anything about any new deal.

Of course, if Styles actually has signed a new deal with WWE, he's not going to say anything about it until WWE is ready to make that announcement. A lot of superstars like to mislead fans on social media and get them talking because it's really great for publicity.

The creation of All Elite Wrestling has really turned the world of professional wrestling on its head as it gives wrestlers another place to work. WWE is currently dealing with a number of superstars who want out of their deals or simply aren't choosing to re-sign with the company. While some reports state that AJ Styles has a new contract in place, the former champ doesn't appear to know anything about it.