'Celebrity Big Brother:' Joey Lawrence Sent Packing On Eviction Night

A third player was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house on Saturday night's episode. In a unanimous vote of 6-0, Joey Lawrence was given the boot by his fellow houseguests and walked out the same door Jonathan Bennett and Ryan Lochte previously had. Kandi Burruss was chosen to stay over Joey, but all week long it went back and forth on who looked like they were going to be shown the door.

Big Brother Daily confirmed Joey's split from the house after telling his fellow houseguests to vote with their minds and not with their hearts. The Blossom actor reminded all the contestants that this was a game and nothing should be done out of hurt feelings or emotions. Overall, Joey appeared to be a bigger threat to the remaining players since there have been many comments suggesting Kandi isn't playing the game at all.

Tom Green's plan to backdoor Ricky Williams didn't work out after his former alliance member, Natalie Eva Marie, decided not to use the Power of Veto after winning the Veto competition. Tom had discussed his backdoor plan of Ricky with his alliance members and was shocked when Natalie went against their plan at the Veto meeting. The "Fun Five" broke up shortly after and now the house is in shambles when it comes to reliable alliances.

Joey didn't seem too upset about his eviction and hugged every houseguest goodbye on his way out the door. The actor had a very calm exit interview with host Julie Chen and repeatedly said that one person was destined to win the game and it just wasn't him. Joey's interview heated up a little bit when he began joking about Lolo Jones and how easy the Olympian got heated in the house. The actor went on for a while picking at his former houseguest claiming if you looked at her one-second too long she would flip out.The audience laughed along Joey's story, as did Julie who normally would cut off a houseguest if they were rambling but she went right along with it. Lolo has been shown to have a short fuse on reality programs before causing drama on Dancing With the Stars and The Challenge: Champs vs Pros.

The next two episodes of Celebrity Big Brother air on Monday, February 4 and Thursday, February 7 both at 9 p.m. EST. A special two-hour episode will follow on Friday, February 8. Monday and Friday's episodes will both feature evictions.