February 2, 2019
Ashley Graham Rocks Red Bikini While Rollerblading On Instagram

Ashley Graham shared a unique bikini pic on Instagram today, as she sported a red swimsuit while rollerblading. The photo showed the model smiling widely as she bent her knees and threw out her left hand. She sported a very high ponytail and looked great in a front-tie bikini top with side-tie bottoms. Graham completed the outfit with high, white socks and pink skates.

Previously, the model shared throwback photos of herself and her fiance. The captions revealed that they were taken nine years ago and showed the two hanging out under the covers in bed. Ashley's significant other is Justin Ervin, who is a filmmaker. His portfolio includes work he's done for Adobe Creative Cloud and MeUndies. Moreover, his documentary, Elephant in the Room and iMentor are also featured.

In other news, Ashley's other new posts show her in glam looks and an '80s look featuring multiple wigs. The glam look featured the model wearing a strapless black dress with ruffle accents on the front. Her hair was worn in a heavy right part with loose waves, which was complemented by deep purple eyeshadow and pink lipstick. Plus, she shared a dramatic outfit that she wore for a shoot, which required her to wear four wigs at the same time. The hairstyle had tons of volume, which she wore half-up, half-down. A bright blue scrunchie offered a pop of color, as she sported a three-fourth-sleeve black leotard.

Graham also previously discussed with Vogue how she was raised and how that impacts her worldview to this day.
"We were also brought up in a Christian household where words had power. Mom would say, 'If you call yourself fat, you're going to be fat, if you say you're stupid, you're going to be stupid.' Knowing we had to watch what we said shaped and moulded me. Women can negatively compete with each other, going 'Oh, I'm so fat', or 'Oh god, my butt's so big!' Well, my baby sister and I, we walked around the house naked, there was never any of that."
Moreover, Ashley revealed that when she was younger, she had to grapple with her Adderall pills that left her with side effects. The model remembers that taking the pills "stopped me eating at school, and then the moment it wore off I'd get home and eat everything." With all that being said, the model's impact on the fashion industry has been notable so far, as she amasses more fans every year.