Instagram Sensation Brooklyn Kelly Wears Nothing But A White Bath Towel In New Snap

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Model and social media influencer Brooklyn Kelly took to her Instagram on Saturday evening and left little to the imagination of her 217,000 followers by wearing nothing but a bath towel. The model posted the risque photograph to promote an at-home microdermabrasion kit that she uses to make her skin flawless and healthy.

The model wore a full face of makeup, accessorized with a few bracelets and flaunted her cleavage to send temperatures soaring. Within just two hours of being posted, the post racked up close to 18,00 likes and fans and followers, per usual, showered the 25-year-old hottie with various compliments, including, “you are a stunner,” “just so beautiful,” “you’re so hot,” and “literal perfection.” One fan also wrote that Brooklyn is flawless and impeccable and her fiance is a really lucky guy to have such a beautiful woman in his life.

On Friday, February 1, Brooklyn posted another picture on Instagram which left all of her fans and followers totally hot under the collar. In the pic, she was featured wearing a barely-there brown printed bikini which allowed her to flaunt her enviable cleavage, her taut stomach, as well as her smooth skin. She posed while being partially submerged in a swimming pool, wore her wet hair down and looked straight into the camera to pull off a very sexy look.

According to an article by the Daily Mail, Brooklyn is not only associated with the fashion industry but she also studied to become a nurse. And as the article detailed, the model — who lives in Gold Coast, New Zealand — revealed that she had no plans to become a model until she was discovered by Vivien’s agency when she was just 18 years of age. And as soon as she stepped into the world of modeling, she was signed by prominent Australian brands and names, including UGGS Australia, Billabong, Princess Polly and Verge Girl.

The stunner also revealed that although she started studying nursing, she lost interest and dropped out when she was 17. However, an incident abroad — where a woman needed help and Brooklyn assisted her — changed her decision. Therefore, she continued her studies again and finished her nursing diploma in 2016. The model also revealed that although it’s difficult to perform modeling duties, studying full time, and also manage her social media pages, she is determined to strike a balance. Per the article, she said the following.

“Studying full-time is difficult with nursing because there are clinical placements, exams, assignments and classes. This collides with work commitments and makes it very difficult financially, but I know this is only temporary and the benefits and outcomes outweigh the negative.”

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Well... where do I start ? I was expelled from high school. My English teacher wouldn’t let me step foot into class .. I was in prevocational math.. I was severely bullied when I was a teen. My career advisor saying to my mother that I would be a great “cleaner” (not that there is anything against that, but I can’t clean ????????) My mother was told by my teachers that I would never succeed in life because I was not book smart. I remember my math teacher asking me what I wanted to be when I “grew up” infront of the class, I said I wanted to go to uni to study something that I had a passion for .. he then replied and said “you will never go to uni because you are bad at math”. I have never been given anything, no hand outs, no golden way through life, I’ve had to create and build my own life based on what I want to achieve and to succeed in life. But I have been showered with love. The moral of my story is - don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do. You can succeed at anything as long as you try your hardest and believe in yourself. People can take away a lot of things, but they can never take away your knowledge. - you cannot be what you cannot see.

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