February 2, 2019
Kendra Wilkinson Says She Has Decided To Be Celibate After Her Divorce

Kendra Wilkinson says that she's trying something new in the wake of her divorce from Hank Baskett: celibacy. The Kendra star posted on Twitter in response to a comment that she needs "to get you some" that she was swearing off sex -- at least for the time being. Her comments come just as rumors that the reality TV star and Bachelor villain Chad Johnson are involved in a burgeoning relationship.

Wilkinson and Johnson were recently spotted holding hands in public leaving Rocco's Tavern in Los Angeles, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. When people speculated that the two looked like they were on a date after hanging out for over an hour together in the restaurant, the 33-year-old shut rumors down by saying that she had filled in her friend Jessica Hall, "about these recent annoying rumors and how my vagina is still very closed up."

The former star of the Girls Next Door said that she and Johnson are "just having fun" together, but that nothing serious is going on. She says that they've been hanging out more often recently, which some have suggested is because the two are working on filming a project together.

On Friday, Wilkinson took to social media to tell fans that not only is she not dating Johnson, but that she is going celibate for the time being after splitting with her husband of nearly a decade.

When someone suggested that she needed to get some action, she responded that she wasn't going down that road right now.

"Been there done that. Trying something new and going celibate," she wrote.

She followed that with another tweet asking how long it takes before one is considered celibate.

"At what point is someone celibate? Is it like a year or something? Asking for a friend...," she said.

Of course, the comments on her post went in a very bawdy direction after that, with people making suggestions on what kind of intimacy is allowed while still remaining celibate. One person responded that they believe it takes a month to be officially qualified as celibate, to which Wilkinson replied, "a month?" followed by crying laughter emojis.

Another told her it takes about a year.

"My lord I'm on my way. How exciting," she replied.

If Wilkinson's Instagram is any evidence, the reality star isn't lying. Her feed has been full of snaps with her kids and friends, with nary a love interest in sight.