February 2, 2019
Kevin Smith Believes Tom Cruise Playing Wolverine In A Marvel Movie Would Make 'A Billion Dollars'

Hugh Jackman played the role of Logan/Wolverine many times in Marvel movies for 21st Century Fox, but his time as the character has come to an end. After donning the claws on many occasions, he has moved on and it's quite possible that someone else could step into the role in the future. Kevin Smith believes that Tom Cruise is actually the right man for the job and feels as if Cruise as Wolverine in a movie would make "a billion dollars."

Logan in 2017 is quite possibly the last time that Jackman will ever play Wolverine, but a cameo here and there could happen. With the Walt Disney Company merging with the movie studios of 21st Century Fox, it's almost a guarantee that Wolverine and the X-Men will eventually join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU.)

With that being said, someone else would need to step in and take on the part of Wolverine.

Kevin Smith is a man who knows comedy and he most definitely knows comic books. When Smith talks about comics, fans usually sit back and listen because he is very knowledgeable on the subject and recently, he decided to tackle the fact that Wolverine needs a new actor to take over.

Smith believes that actor should be Tom Cruise.

This week, Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin spoke about Wolverine and Marvel movies on the Fatman Beyond podcast. The primary topic was Tom Cruise's acting work and the hope that he will one day join the MCU in some form or another.

Smith just feels as if it is time for Cruise in the MCU due to his success in almost everything he's ever done. It's obvious that he's great in action movies and the longevity of the Mission: Impossible franchise is more than enough proof of that fact.

Now, there are two more sequels coming in that franchise with the first on July 23, 2021, and the eighth film on August 5, 2022.

As transcribed by ComicBook.com, Smith believes that anyone starring in a Marvel movie can add years to their careers. He could see Cruise as a bad guy such as Striker in a reboot of the X-Men franchise, but then, he gets a grand idea.
"No. F**k that. Make him Wolverine."
Bernardin makes the argument that Cruise (56) is older than Jackman (50) who just stepped down as Wolverine. Smith doesn't care, though, as he feels it is a perfect set-up for Cruise to step in and take on the loner of the Marvel universe.
"I don't give a sh*t, dude. Tom Cruise's Wolverine makes a billion dollars."
From there, Kevin Smith goes on to say that Cruise could be Professor X or Mr. Fantastic or virtually any other character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's obvious that he's a huge Tom Cruise fan and just wants to see him in the MCU, but would the fans really buy him as Wolverine?