February 2, 2019
Sommer Ray Flaunts Bronzed Bikini Bod On Instagram

Sommer Ray shared a new bikini photo on Instagram, showcasing her amazing tan. She sported a white leopard-print bikini as she sat on her knees and leaned forward towards the camera. The model wore her hair down in her natural soft waves, as she sported a heavy left part and a white flower in her ear. Sommer was getting ready to enjoy coconut water, as she squeezed a lime into the drink.

Her recent photos have been geotagged in Bali, so that's where this bikini pic was likely taken. Sommer's other recent photos from her tropical getaway showed her rocking a tank top that she pulled up to flaunt her midriff, along with denim bikini bottoms.

Additionally, some of Ray's biggest fans probably know about her second Instagram account, which she uses to show off her silly side. Even so, the social media star shared one of her light-hearted videos to her main page, which showed her joking around with her mom. More specifically, she leaned forward and bit her mom's elbow skin for whatever reason. Sommer's mother, Shannon Ray, has her own social media presence with over 608k followers on Instagram, and is well known in the bodybuilding industry.

Sommer's background as a bodybuilder was inspired by her parents, who are known within the industry. She elaborated on her experiences with Galore.
"I started competing in the NPC when I was 16 years old. I stood next to girls in their 20s/30s and was being compared to them, yet nothing was comparable- we were simply at different stages of life (muscle doesn't mature until you're in your 20s)."
For fans wondering how Sommer has amassed such a large fan base, some of it may be attributable to her confidence, which has allowed her to showcase her life with others on a large scale. This is what she said about what it was like to participate in bodybuilding competitions.
"But honestly, I never compared myself, so it didn't matter that the judges did. I was confident in the hard work and the dedication I put in for myself. So at the end of the day, I know myself and I'm content in the woman I am. And when you are, you are incomparable."
In addition to keeping her fans updated on her trip to Bali, Sommer has also been promoting her "Booty Challenge" workout program. Considering she has one of the most famous physiques on Instagram, there's a good chance it's going to be a huge hit.