February 2, 2019
Disney To Remove FastPass+ Reservations With Cancellation Of Walt Disney World Resort Reservation

The Walt Disney Company knows that nothing is absolutely perfect and that guests will find ways to get around things. Well, Walt Disney World has stumbled across a loophole in the FastPass+ reservation system that is now going to be closed to make things more fair for everyone. Beginning next week, all FastPass+ reservations will be cancelled if a Walt Disney World Resort reservation is cancelled.

Yes, the FastPasses will drop off.

For the FastPass+ reservation system at Walt Disney World, guests with a resort reservation will have their window open at 60 days from arrival. Everyone else has a window of 30 days out. and that does sometimes make it more difficult to attain hard-to-get attractions.

Some guests had found a loophole in which they would book a WDW Resort hotel reservation and make FastPass+ reservations when their 60-day window opened. At that point, they would then cancel the resort stay and keep their FastPasses attached to their annual passes or other tickets.

Beginning on Monday, February 4, 2019, this new policy will go into place and close the loophole that has hindered the FastPass+ system, according to WDWNT. This will actually help matters a bit and make things a bit more level for everyone as they attempt to snag some of the more popular attractions.

Slinky Dog has been a difficult FastPass to achieve since it opened last summer
Danny Cox

Many guests who are locals or day guests have often had issues trying to get FastPass+ reservations for attractions such as Slinky Dog Dash, Avatar: Flight of Passage, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Having a WDW Resort hotel reservation does give those guests an advantage with the longer window, but it's a perk of staying on Disney property.

The loophole allowed some guests to book a reservation with a deposit, make their FastPasses at 60 days out, and then cancel their booking. The deposit would be returned to them and the FastPasses would stay in place on their My Disney Experience account.

In some cases already, FastPasses would be deleted if guests cancelled their resort reservation outside of the 30-day from arrival window. Now, it doesn't matter when a resort reservation is cancelled as the FastPasses will drop off a guest's account as well.

With Toy Story Land and Pandora already open, and the upcoming opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, it's not shocking that Disney is doing this. They are going to make sure that those getting the best attraction FastPasses are those who have a rightful chance at a perk.

Walt Disney World has not officially said anything regarding this new policy as of this time, and they may not even say a word. The new system change may simply go into place on Monday and that will be all there is to it. The loophole is about to close and next week, FastPass+ distribution will be on a bit more of a level playing field with selections being removed if your resort reservation is cancelled.