February 2, 2019
Samsung's Foldable Phone Might Have Leaked Out Accidentally In Promo Video

With less than three weeks remaining before Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S10 at a media event -- with the foldable "Galaxy F"/"Galaxy X" potentially making an appearance -- reports claim that the company might have inadvertently teased the latter device through a new promotional video.

As explained by Forbes, the video, which was allegedly uploaded by Samsung Vietnam's YouTube account earlier this week, showcased various Samsung devices "performing futuristic tasks." These gadgets seemed to include Samsung's foldable phone, as a woman was shown unfolding a "book-shaped" device that looked very similar to what the South Korean company had briefly previewed at its 2018 developers conference. The foldable device, however, stood out by looking more like a finished product than the preview version.

Based on what was shown on the video, the Galaxy F/Galaxy X might be similar in shape and size to last year's Galaxy Note 9, albeit with a standard front-facing display that allows users to operate the device like a conventional smartphone and a foldable display that can be used when the phone is unfolded. While Forbes observed that the device's thickness seemed to be uneven, the publication added that it might not be as thick as originally projected.

"The front-facing display looks like it's just that, a display and nothing more. All of the components are in the back of the phone where the rear-facing cameras are, similar to a phone case that flips open to reveal the screen."
Per TechRadar, the leaked video also pointed to the possibility of Samsung's foldable phone having extremely slim bezels, much like what Samsung and other smartphone makers are hoping for as they try to maximize screen real estate with their new devices.
As pointed out by both Forbes and TechRadar, it didn't take long before the video was removed by Samsung Vietnam, though other sources, including XDA-Developers, were able to save or share the video before it was taken offline.

While TechRadar acknowledged that the apparent Samsung foldable phone clip was "almost certainly" a legitimate video from the company, the publication cast doubt on the presence of several other devices that have yet to see the light of day. As such, TechRadar speculated that there's a chance the foldable phone on the video is, like the other devices, merely a concept version of what to expect from Samsung in the next few years.

Meanwhile, Forbes described the Galaxy F/Galaxy X featured in the video as a "far more complete" version of what could be expected at this point in time, but cautioned that the actual foldable phone, assuming it does arrive at the February 20 media event as rumored, might not be "anywhere near [such a] level of polished."