'Shameless' Star Cameron Monaghan Interested In Reviving Mickey & Ian's Relationship

Gallagher fans everywhere have been on pins and needles since news broke that both Emmy Rossum and Cameron Monaghan would be retiring their Shameless characters.

Fortunately, fans of the Showtime series were able to catch their breath, as the network recently ordered a 10th season, per the Inquisitr. As if that news wasn't good enough, it was also revealed that Monaghan would be returning to revive his role as Ian Gallagher.

As those who have been watching Season 9 know, the series left Ian heading to jail, where he ended up landing in the same cell as his former flame Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher). Ian wasted no time pouncing on Milkovich before the duo engaged in a passionate kiss. At the time, many believed this moment to be Cameron's final scene.

Naturally, this latest development had fans of the series asking one question: would Noel Fisher be returning to reclaim his role as Mickey as well?

Based on an interview Cameron gave to the Chicago Tribune -- which was published around the time the news of his return made the rounds -- there is a possibility that Noel could return as well.

During the interview, Monaghan teased that if he were to return to Shameless, it would be so he could further explore the relationship between Ian and Mickey.

As die-hard Shameless fans know, Monaghan and Fishers' characters are one of the series' favorite couples. Naturally, fans were devastated when Noel's character exited the show not once, but twice. Fortunately, the writers did a real service to their fan base when they brought Mickey back for a third time, in what was believed to be Ian Gallagher's farewell.

As Cameron reminded us during his Chicago Tribune interview, much of the on-screen action between he and Fisher was improvisational. While the duo had a script to follow, a lot of the passionate kissing and displays of affection were improvised on the spot by the two actors. The cast and crew believe the improv acting is largely what makes the couple so appealing to the viewers.

Is Noel Fisher Open To Returning To Shameless?

While there hasn't been any official news on whether Fisher will return for Season 10, the actor made it clear during an interview with TV Guide that his character's exit was very "open ended."

Toward the end of the interview, Noel also revealed that he believed Ian and Mickey's relationship could be long term. However, he clarified the bigger question would always be whether their relationship was the best thing for everyone involved.