Man Allegedly Kicks Cat In Face, Charged With Felony

An Indiana man allegedly kicked a cat in the face with such force that the animal’s tooth was dislodged, according to local authorities. The brutal attack resulted in a felony charge against the Fort Wayne man.

On Friday, Allan County prosecutors filed a felony count of animal cruelty against 54-year-old Larry Knox. The charge stems from an incident at the man’s Fort Wayne home in which he allegedly abused and caused injury to a neighborhood cat.

According to The News-Sentinal, Knox called police on December 4 to report a cat that entered into his home unnoticed. When police arrived Knox allegedly admitted to kicking the cat hard enough to knock out its tooth.

Court documents claim the cat tried to escape into a bedroom. Knox allegedly followed and kicked the injured cat several more times. He then laughed about the incident when questioned by police, admitting that he does not like cats.

An article by The Journal Gazette reports that an animal control officer and police found the feline hiding behind a mattress in a bedroom at the house. The cat was “dazed or stunned” and suffering from a laceration to its mouth, according to court documents.

The cat was removed and transported to an animal hospital for medical treatment. Court documents also state that a veterinarian confirmed the cat was missing one of its teeth and had suffered injuries to its chin and tongue.

Do you think the Indiana man should face a felony charge for brutally kicking a cat’s face?