February 2, 2019
Stephen Curry For President? Wife Ayesha Says, 'Heck Ya!' He Should Run In 2020

Is Stephen Curry ready to go from the NBA to the White House?

His wife seems to think so.

In an interview with ABC 7 News this week, Ayesha Curry said that she would be fully supportive of a run for president from her husband next year. The news outlet caught up with Ayesha at her pop-up show in Oakland and asked about her thoughts on political aspirations for the NBA MVP.

"Heck yeah," she said when asked if she would like him to run. "I tell him that all the time."

Ayesha added that she would vote for him if he did run, though Stephen Curry seems more than happy in leading the Golden State Warriors on a quest for their third consecutive NBA title. Curry spoke this week about how his team needs to ramp up their play down the stretch, and they have certainly risen to the challenge, winning 10 straight road games.

"Coach hit us with what game this is — I think it's 50," Curry said this week, via ESPN. "And you think about how quickly that springs on you. You get back from All-Star break, you still have 30 games and you're like, 'All right, this is playoff mentality time,' and you start to ramp it up, so we're starting early."

While his focus may be strictly on basketball right now, Curry hasn't shied away from jumping into the political fray from time to time. When he said that he had no desire to make a visit to the White House to meet Donald Trump, the president responded by attacking Curry on Twitter and publicly dis-inviting the entire team from the customary White House visit after they won the NBA title.

Curry expanded on his thoughts in an entry for the Players Tribune, saying that Trump's attacks on athletes were beneath the office. In the post, Curry also encouraged athletes and others to keep speaking out on issues and keep the pressure on Trump.

"If there's anything I've learned this year, it's that all the noise we keep hearing — it's not an accident," Curry wrote. "We're hearing that noise because there are real people out there, facing real issues, and real inequalities, some in ways like never before. In 2017, in America, silence is no longer an option."

So while Ayesha Curry may be in support of Stephen running for president in 2020, it appears the Golden State Warriors guard has no plans on entering the world of politics -- which is probably for the best, considering that at age 30 he is still five years away from being eligible to run.