February 2, 2019
Cara Delevingne Goes Fully Nude & Poses On A Cube

Cara Delevingne shared an image that was shot for Balmain Paris on her Instagram. The black-and-white photo showed the model sitting on the edge of a cube with a giant rendering of the brand's logo in the backdrop behind her. Cara posed with her side facing the camera, as she sat with her legs outstretched. She wrapped her left hand over her body, and held up her right hand to her head. Her tattoos were easily visible on the right side of her body, as she wore her hair slicked back.

The ad campaign had already stirred up viewers long before she posted the all-nude photo, as an image of her re-creating Janet Jackson's album art for the brand caught people's attention. According to Harper's Bazaar, the image is provocative and also paying homage to the 1990s. No doubt the brand is glad to be getting all of the publicity.

And prior to that, Delevingne kept things light with a throwback photo of herself that she posted on January 22. The photo showed her wearing a white bonnet-like costume hat with a ribbon that kept it in place. Fans commented that she looked like Emma Watson, and others noted that she looked cute.

She was also doing a bit of traveling as she shared a photo of her luxury spot at The Private Suite at LAX, which is a company that offers private lounges. It's a private terminal with private TSA screening, and the website notes that it's a great way to avoid the paparazzi.

The model previously spoke with Numéro Magazine about her thought-processes behind choosing which films to be involved in.
"Yes, I do choose films that are very different, because I like getting under the skin of characters that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. But what they have in common is that I'm always attracted to characters that are strong and bold."
And that same way of thinking extends to her writing, as Cara described.

"In my novel, the characters are all teenagers. Their age was imperative to the story, but I also think it was important to create a narrative that allowed teenagers to learn to accept who they are as individuals. We've all been through adolescence – it's when you evolve, start to learn who you are, construct your personality."

The book she's referring to is Mirror, Mirror: A Twisty Coming-of-Age Novel about Friendship and Betrayal.