‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease That Ryan Plays Mind Games With Franco And Lulu

Craig SjodinABC Press

General Hospital spoilers have recently teased that Ryan Chamberlain will become quite desperate to cover up the tracks that he left when he tried to kill Lulu. Now he is scrambling to make sure he is not found out. He is about to dive into the minds of two people who will serve his purpose well.

The Port Charles serial killer’s latest attack wasn’t successful, and he wants to make sure that his latest victim, Lulu Falconeri, will not identify him as the one who stabbed her. On Monday, Ryan tried to smother her with a pillow while she laid helplessly in her hospital bed, but he was rudely interrupted. Now he has a plan and it will not only include Lulu, but also Franco. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that on Monday’s episode next week, Franco will have an unexpected session with “Kevin.”

This gives Ryan a chance to play with Franco’s mind. He is expected to dive into Franco’s murderous past, which freaks Franco out. It’s not looking good for Elizabeth’s fiance at this point. Franco’s demeanor will be a little different after his session with Ryan. The recent print issue of Soap Opera Digest says that Franco will then go to visit Kiki’s grave. This scenario will have a big affect on him. Ava will also be there and she will notice that he is acting very strange, even for Franco.

More General Hospital spoilers for later in the week tease that Franco will be put in a precarious situation. It’s possible that Ryan will claim another victim and make it look like Franco did the deed. The spoilers also say that Ava will be stunned. Will everyone in Port Charles really think that Franco would actually kill Kiki, who he thought of as his daughter?

It will get even worse when “Kevin” is summoned to do hypnosis on Lulu so she can identify who attacked her. Unfortunately for Franco, he is expected to be the one who she thinks tried to kill her. Ryan will play with her mind as well by putting those thoughts into her head to take the heat off of himself.

One person who will stand by her man is Elizabeth. She may have some fleeting doubts at first, but she will realize that Franco has put all of his murderous intentions in the past. In fact, there is an unexpected wedding coming up for Valentine’s Day and the buzz is that it could very well be Friz who gets hitched.

Ryan’s downfall is coming, but not before he messes with people’s lives and possibly kills someone else before he’s done. Keep watching General Hospital this month to see if he gets caught.