Other Countries Echo Donald Trump’s Sentiment That Border Walls Work To Curb Illegal Immigration

As Donald Trump continues to work on plans to build a border wall, other countries appear to be leaping to the president’s defense by suggesting that their own walls work to help curb illegal immigration.

In the past, Trump has noted that Israel has its own fences and walls to help make their borders more secure, and the president firmly believes that Congress should agree to use $5.7 billion to also build a strong and sturdy wall for the southern border of the United States. But according to Fox News, Democrats believe that a wall is “immoral,” and also believe that $1.3 billion is more than enough to keep American borders adequately protected.

With Donald Trump entertaining the idea of declaring a national emergency to get his wall built, something which Fox News figures are also pushing him to do, as the Inquisitr recently reported, top officials in Hungary and Israel are now suggesting that border walls are a hugely effective way to cut down on illegal immigration.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto spoke to Fox News recently.

“Since we built a fence, and since the police and army have been there, we basically have no illegal migrants on the territory of the country. There are constant attempts to break through, but the infrastructure itself, namely the fence, and police and the army, make it impossible to get in. So that’s a success,” he said.

Hungary knows a thing or two about immigration. In 2015, tens of thousands of immigrants sought to escape from the Middle East and walked straight through Hungary, something which Szijjarto explained upset some Hungarians, who demanded that Hungary build a wall and get its border under control.

Acquiescing to these demands, the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban constructed two extremely solid fences around the areas that separate Hungary from Croatia and Serbia. The military were also sent along with the new fences to ensure better security around the Hungarian border.

And while Szijjarto made it clear that he did not feel comfortable discussing the federal government shutdown of the United States, he did note that Hungary understands why Donald Trump wants to build a border wall.

“When it comes to internal developments in the U.S., of course, we don’t want to comment, but what I can tell you is that we totally understand the endeavors of your president to protect the people and the territory of your country, and in Hungary it has been proven that such a solution is a good solution.”

With Trump also citing Israel’s border wall, Israel’s Ambassador to the U.N., Danny Danon, recently admitted that at one point there was nothing but a “flimsy wire fence” to keep Israel’s occupants safe.

However, Danon said that this changed markedly between 2010 and 2013.

“We built a system of two layers of fencing, with advanced surveillance equipment. And the results speak for themselves: border crossings dropped by over 99 percent, from 9,570 in the first half of 2012 to 34 in the first half of 2013,” he explained.

Benjamin Netanyahu is also a big proponent of Donald Trump’s border wall.

“Trump is right. I built a wall along Israel’s southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea,” he tweeted in 2017. Netanyahu also recently posted two side-by-side photographs of how much better Israel’s border looks now with its new wall, when comparing it to how it looked 10 years ago in 2009.

With some Democrats suggesting that a fence is just as good as the border wall that Donald Trump would like to see built, Szijjarto is quick to point out that this is merely a “technical question,” noting, “It’s an infrastructure which physically makes it impossible for people to cross.”