Texas Woman Dovie Nickels Arrested For Public Masturbation, Allegedly Continued While Handcuffed In Police Car


Texas police arrested 26-year-old Dovie Nickels for allegedly masturbating on a patio on a public street, and police said it didn’t end there.

The Austin woman allegedly continued pleasuring herself after she was handcuffed and placed in a police car, and the bizarre incident is now attracting national attention. As the New York Post reported, police received a call from the JW Marriott Austin Hotel that a woman could be seen across the street “with her legs straight up in the air, spread open” while she committed a lewd act.

A hotel worker said the woman had been doing it for several minutes when the employee approached Nickels and asked her to stop, but Nickels allegedly told her to “back off.” But the woman then went to a restaurant across the street, where the report claimed she continued the lewd behavior.

Police arrived at the bar to find Dovie Nickels “not wearing any pants,” the report noted. She was then arrested and placed in the back seat of a squad car, but police said she continued the behavior.

The strange arrest attracted worldwide attention, with the U.K. tabloid Daily Mail picking up on the story as well. The report included some past mugshots of Nickels that appear to be from past arrests, though there was no word on whether she had a criminal history.

The story was reminiscent of another recent case of lewd behavior in public. Last year, a passenger on Southwest Airlines claimed that a seat-mate masturbated for the entirety of a flight from Las Vegas to Philadelphia. The passenger complained that the seat-mate was also very conspicuously watching adult movies, making for a very uncomfortable flight.

“[I] spent this entire flight sitting next to a guy who has his iPad open on the tray table, watching porn, WITHOUT using headphones or anything, and twice now his body has started shaking in the throes of his orgasmic bliss,” the woman wrote as she live-tweeted the ordeal, via Fox News.

The airline actually responded to her tweets, telling the woman to alert a member of the crew, even secretly. But she was not able to make contact until after the flight, when she claimed the man got up, patted her on the head, and said he hoped she “enjoyed the show.”

Dovie Nickels was hit with a charge of indecent exposure and taken to Travis County Jail, where she was given bail of $3,000.