A ‘90210’ Revival With The Original Cast Is Happening, Tori Spelling Confirms The Highly Anticipated Reboot

Michael Buckner Getty Images

The Masked Singer alum Tori Spelling sat down with Access Live and confirmed that the highly anticipated revival of Beverly Hills 90210 is going forward. Spelling revealed that several members of the original cast will be returning for the reboot of the 1990’s teen-centric hit show and that they’re all looking forward to getting the gang back together.

“It is the OG crew back together, and we’re playing heightened versions of ourselves. The fans will be pleasantly surprised, though, because we will intercut that with scenes from the show. So it’ll be a whole ensemble cast,” Spelling said, as Us Weekly reported.

Back in December, chatter of a reunion sparked after Spelling and her former castmates Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Brian Austin Green, and Jason Priestley were spotted out in Los Angeles having coffee and chatting happily. Spelling confirmed to Access that the crew was grabbing a bite to eat in between meetings to decide the fate of the revival.

Spelling also put some feelers out regarding the reunion when she gushed about her friendship with Ian Ziering to Us in October, which lead fans to believe that this reboot has been in the works for some time. She revealed that they had been talking about getting the Peach Pit gang back together, and doing something a little different with the show instead of a regular revival, which some shows like Roseanne and Fuller House have done — picking up where their beloved characters have left off.

“The cast all remained very close over the years. I think we are invested in making, not just the typical reboot, but kind of turning a reboot on its heels and doing something a little different,” the Last Sharknado star confessed.

Though Spelling says she’s unsure if everyone will make it back to Beverly Hills, the majority of the original cast will make some sort of appearance. She mused that Luke Perry, who played Dylan McKay, has been busy with his CW hit Riverdale, but they’re hoping that he’ll be able to do a few cameos.

The reality star also said that Shannen Doherty’s very public battle with breast cancer may keep her from joining the rest of her former castmates, but that status could change depending on her schedule.

“We would love to have her on. … There is no status right now,” she said.

Though there’s no official word which station or streaming device might pick up the latest 1990’s revival, fans will be eager to tune in to see what their favorite characters are up to these days and to check out what kind of drama the 90210 gang will be getting themselves into this time around.