Key Figures On Fox News Are Pushing Donald Trump To Declare A National Emergency To Get The Border Wall Built

Olivier DoulieryGetty Images

Key figures on Fox News are working hard to get Donald Trump to declare a national emergency so that the southern border wall will get built, and these personalities are not at all shy about letting their feelings be known about the current stalemate between the president and Democrats on the issue of immigration.

According to Politico, in very close to just two weeks from now, Trump will be deciding whether the federal government stays open or shuts down again, and commentators like Lou Dobbs of Fox News are of the opinion that the president needs to be declaring an emergency in order to fully succeed with his plan of building a border wall.

On Thursday night, Dobbs recently spoke to a guest on his show and asked, “is there any, in your judgment, any reason in the world why he should not call that emergency?”

On the same night on Fox News, Donald Trump’s former deputy assistant, Sebastian Gorka, spoke with Sean Hannity and insinuated that Democrats were really only posturing about their dislike of a border wall. And since they were only playing a political game with Republicans, in his opinion Trump needs to finally put his foot down once and for all and declare a national emergency to start the wall.

“Let’s be very clear, this is just politics, this is about the vote. This has nothing to do with the security of the nation. And on February the 16th, I expect Trump to declare a national emergency and to build the wall.”

Hannity heartily agreed with Gorka’s statement.

Despite the fact that a bipartisan conference committee is currently working hard behind the scenes to ensure that there is an immigration plan in place which will help to avert another government shutdown on February 16, Donald Trump is decidedly pessimistic about this effort and told the New York Times that this exercise was nothing but a futile “waste of time.”

Trump also noted that he currently has advisers who are making contingency plans for a national emergency declaration so that if no deal is reached in two weeks, the president can push ahead with his wall on his own terms.

Since the president seems to be receptive to comments by Fox News figures, he will likely be paying close attention to the words of people like Lou Dobbs, who stated that immigrants crossing borders illegally is a “national disaster that awaits us if the border is not secured, if the wall is not built.”

With key Fox News figures attempting to sway Donald Trump and get him to declare a national emergency and build a wall, there is a chance that he may side with them if no deal is reached before February 16.