‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Lulu Panics, Jordan Thinks She’s Closing In, And Ryan Slips

Craig SjodinABC

Friday’s episode of General Hospital will focus a great deal on Lulu’s recovery and Ryan’s schemes. Jordan thinks she might finally have a path to pursue in her investigation, and spoilers suggest that Ryan will take advantage of this — and run with it. However, Ryan is about to make a mistake on another front.

As viewers saw earlier in the week, Lulu doesn’t remember much of what happened the night that she was injured. She thought she remembered “Kevin” coming to her office, but her memory is so spotty that Ryan was able to easily talk her out of thinking that had happened.

General Hospital spoilers via the Twitter sneak peek detail that Lulu will be mostly sleeping as her body recovers. However, during Friday’s show she’ll gasp — and awaken feeling panicked — as something creeps into her mind. Unfortunately, teasers hint that “Kevin” will soon start doing sessions with her, and perhaps nudge her into thinking Franco is the man responsible for her injuries.

Jordan brought Franco in for questioning, and she thinks that there are red flags pointing toward the possibility that Franco is involved in what’s been happening in Port Charles. Of course, viewers would say that things don’t line up all that smoothly here, but since nobody else has an inkling that Ryan is alive yet, Franco will look like a reasonable suspect to Jordan.

Over the next week or two, General Hospital spoilers detail that Ryan will be involved enough in the investigation to see an opportunity here. He’ll start doing sessions again with Franco — and do his best to build up a possible case against him.

SheKnows Soaps shares that viewers will see Franco feeling furious over something, and it may be the questioning from Jordan that pushes him over the edge. Franco knows that he had nothing to do with what happened to Lulu, Kiki, Mary Pat, or Peyton, but his history — combined with the lack of any other solid clues — will put him in a tough position.

While all of this is playing out, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ryan will take the tidbit Kevin fed to him about a prenuptial agreement, and address it with Alexis. Of course, there is no agreement, but will “Kevin” mentioning it to Alexis be enough to raise any alarm bells?

The prenup topic being raised by “Kevin” would surely make more of an impact on Laura than on Alexis. However, all signs point toward this at least moving the needle to some extent on this storyline. Elsewhere in Port Charles, Carly will catch wind of Drew and Kim spending time together — and Sonny will get a visit from someone.

In addition, Ava will approach Olivia, begging for help. Olivia won’t know what she can do to help, but Ava will already have something in mind. Viewers will also see Drew confront Julian again, about how much he hurt Kim.

General Hospital spoilers tease that major revelations about Ryan will emerge over the course of the next month, and fans are anxious to see the truth emerge about his evil misdeeds. Who will be the one to finally piece things together? Teasers hint that there are intense moments on the way — and viewers won’t want to miss any of the chaos ahead.