Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Celebrate End Of 10-Day Diet Challenge With Lots Of Carbs

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have finally completed their no-carb, no-sugar diet challenge after a long 10 days. Naturally, the couple decided to celebrate with a massive feast filled with their favorite high-carb and high-sugar foods. Lopez and Rodriguez shared the big meal on social media on Thursday evening — and revealed that, after a few days of feasting, they might even start the challenge all over again.

Lopez took to her Instagram Story on Thursday to announce that they completed the challenge, according to Entertainment Tonight.

“I just got back from the gym. It’s day 10. Day 10! We did it, we’re here. I mean, we still have the rest of the day, but I’m feeling pretty good, like we can finish,” the 49-year-old singer said. “Alex and I have struggled through. Anybody who stuck with us congratulations.”

Lopez then declared that she and her former baseball star boyfriend will likely take a break for a few days to enjoy their favorite foods — and then take off on a “second round” of the challenge. She added that fans can join her on the diet journey, and that she is “super proud” of everyone who succeeded so far.

The Second Act star then shared a video panning across a table full of home-cooked foods.

“Worth it,” she wrote.

Rodriguez shared a photo of a second feast later, on his own Instagram account. In the shot, the 43-year-old businessman sat at a table filled with three large pizzas, french fries, wings, cookies, and other desserts. In the corner of the table, there even appeared to be tiny “shot glasses” made out of cookies, filled with milk.

“Top this. How did you break the #10daychallenge?” Rodriguez captioned the photo.

The couple’s challenge went viral when they began posting video updates on their progress — and showing off the stunning physical results, InStyle reported. The diet involved cutting out several forms of carbohydrates and sugars, including certain fruits and vegetables, baked goods and candy, grains, sweeteners, dairy, soda, alcohol, and more. Alternatively, the participant eats leafy greens, vegetables without starches, lean protein, and healthy fat.

On day three of their challenge, Lopez and Rodriguez tapped a few friends to join in, especially Today show host Hoda Kotb. Kotb invited her co-hosts, including Carson Daly and Savannah Guthrie, to step in as well. Daly opted out when he realized that the challenge would interfere with Super Bowl Sunday foods.

Kotb accepted the challenge, and hit day six on Wednesday. In a progress update, the talk show host admitted that it was the hardest day so far, according to Women’s Health.

“I’m always starving. Nothing fills you up,” she said.

Keep an eye on Today‘s social media to see more updates on Kotb’s 10-day diet challenge.