Braless Kristen Stewart Flashes Chest In Barely-Buttoned Shirt On Stroll With Sara Dinkin

Julien M. Hekimian & Rachel MurrayGetty Images

Kristen Stewart put on a very busty display during a coffee run with her girlfriend, Sara Dinkin.

Photos obtained and published by the Daily Mail reveal that in addition to leaving her bra at home, the Twilight alum neglected to button a few buttons on her shirt as well.

It was a wet and gloomy day yesterday in Los Angeles, as Stewart and Dinkin took a stroll together to obtain some coffee. Going bra-free, Stewart donned a grey button-up shirt with just two buttons clasped at the bottom barely holding the shirt to her body. One wind gust away from a wardrobe malfunction, the 28-year-old actress flaunted a generous amount of cleavage as she left little to the imagination.

Kristen paired her open shirt with a black zip-up jacket, a pair of tattered denim blue jeans, and maroon sneakers. The actress sported Ray-Ban sunglasses and a baseball cap that collectively made her a little more difficult to recognize. Stewart accessorized with a ring on her wedding finger and a lengthy gold necklace equipped with a golden lock that spotlighted her bare chest.

Stewart’s platinum blonde frosted tips could be seen poking out of the baseball cap.

Her newest leading lady, Sara, flaunted a lot less skin than Stewart as she rocked an orange top and figure-hugging denim jeans with a pair of white shoes.

In a separate photo, Dinkin was spotted wearing Stewart’s zip-up jacket as they left the coffee shop with their cups of java in hand.

It appears as if things are going well for the Twilight alum and her new romance. For those who are unfamiliar with Stewart’s dating history, the actress and her stylist girlfriend revealed their relationship back in December of last year.

The news came as a bit of a shock to fans of Kristen, as most were unaware there had been any issues – let alone things had come to an end – to her relationship with Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell.

Kristen and Stella had been an item since January of 2017. In fact, their relationship had matured to the point of them moving in together. The former lovebirds were photographed as the spitting image of a happy couple while the actress was working on the production of the Charlie’s Angels reboot just two months before news broke that she had a new woman in her life.

As Sara’s 23,400 Instagram followers know, the blogger also isn’t opposed to showing some skin, as she shared a topless selfie of herself on Instagram, using her hands and arms to censor her bare chest, just a month before news broke that she was dating Kristen Stewart.