Alexis Skyy & Fetty Wap's Daughter Head Home Following Emergency Brain Surgery

Trisha Faulkner

Fans all around the world were showering rapper Fetty Wap with love and support after news broke that his 1-year-old daughter had to undergo emergency brain surgery this past weekend.

Fetty's baby girl, whose name is Alayia, was born just last January. Welcomed into the world three months earlier than expected, Fetty's baby girl – who weighed just a single pound – was born with a few major complications. One of these complications included an extremely dangerous condition called hydrocephalus, which causes bleeding and fluid to build up in the child's brain.

According to Page Six, the rapper's infant had an implant placed inside her head in order to help drain the excess blood and fluid away from the brain. Until recently, the implant had been functioning properly.

Alayia's mother, reality star Alexis Skyy, first noticed that there was an issue when her daughter began vomiting excessively during a flight last weekend from Atlanta to New York City, TMZ reports.

According to the outlet, Alexis made the decision to rush her child to a hospital where they learned that her drainage implant was malfunctioning and would require immediate emergency brain surgery.

On Sunday afternoon the Love and Hip Hop star posted a story to her Instagram asking her followers to say a prayer for her daughter as she underwent the surgery. Her social media has been abuzz with comments, well wishes, and updates on Alayia post-surgery.

Multiple news sources have stated both Fetty and Alexis have been by the child's side from the moment she arrived at the hospital. The surgery is reported to have gone well according to Alexis' Instagram updates.

Infamous for his ratio of mothers to children, the young artist currently claims seven children by six different women. The star, however, seemingly enjoys fatherhood despite his hang-ups with monogamy.

In a story published by BET back in January of last year, the rapper admitted to not only being the father of all seven children but to financially supporting each one of them.

He reportedly had nothing bad to say about any of his children's mothers and revealed that they have moved on with their personal lives while allowing him to continue to play his fatherly role.