Lil Wayne’s Skate Park Problems Continue To Grow In New Orleans

Lil Wayne’s skate park in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans is still facing some major problems.

The park has had staffing and insurance issues in the past and now the Trukstop skate park has run into an inspection issue. SOHH reports that the building that houses the skate park recently failed an electrical inspection and that the building had to be rewired.

Ward McLendon, who manages the Trukstop skate park, told the Huffington Post:

“We really put the cart before the horse on this project, and right now we’re at a crossroads… Everybody wants to make this work… He’s on board, and he really wants this for the community.”

The skate park is also still dealing with staffing issues. The park, which was meant to be open 7 days a week, is currently staffed my volunteers. The park frequently finds itself with not enough employees and can’t remain open.

Lil Wayne opened the park last year in a partnership with Mountain Dew. The park was heavily promoted and could become a central part of the ninth ward community. Of course, the Trukstop Skate Park would need some permanent employees, working electricity, and adequate insurance to do that.

When he opened the park Lil Wayne said:

“I didn’t think that skating was too popular in my city, so I wanted to make it something that everybody loves like I do. I just wanted to help out my city, help out the people, the kids, and give them something to do, something they haven’t done before. It’s always good to learn something new. It’s a lifestyle. It’s not just something to do. I thought it would be just a hobby and I thought only people with skill can do it. When you finally get into it and you learn to like it, you’ll quickly learn to love it and you find out that it’s a lifestyle.”

Lil Wayne is currently dealing with a couple additional problems unrelated to the skate park. The singer was recently criticized for making controversial comments about Emmit Till.