Paige Gunnink Says Rams RB CJ Anderson Tried To Arrange Hookup Behind Pregnant Girlfriend’s Back

Harry HowGetty Images

Paige Gunnink said she was never a big fan of football, so when she got a private message from a man claiming he was an NFL player and looking for a hookup, she had to go to the internet to look him up.

It turned out the player was Los Angeles Rams running back C.J. Anderson, who had a pregnant girlfriend at home at the time he was allegedly sending flirty messages and asking for nude photos of the Montana pharmacy technician. Gunnink shared her story with the Daily Mail, saying that she started getting messages from Anderson in September asking for racy pictures and offering to fly her out for hookups. She believes he may have found her on a dating app and looked her up.

The full-bodied Gunnink said the two flirted and she sent nude images, but the talk eventually fizzled when Anderson decided to she was too big, telling her, “You got a stomach…I don’t really do fat girls.”

Gunnink shared messages that showed Anderson then offered to help her with a workout routine, but she said the rejection was hard on her self-esteem.

“He was a gentleman up until the point he wanted to fly me out, but when I didn’t want to do that, it kind of just turned into him becoming rude,” Gunnink said. “His messages stopped being nice. He started asking me for photos at that point and the derogatory texts starting coming, he said I had a stomach and didn’t f**k fat girls.”

Paige Gunnink said she felt even worse when she learned that C.J. Anderson had a girlfriend who was two months pregnant at the time, but Anderson told the tabloid that the two were on a break at the time.

The story comes out just days before Anderson and the Rams are set to take on the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, and Anderson’s agent tried to steer his client away from any potential tabloid drama. Peter Schaffer released a statement to the Daily Mail saying that Anderson’s focus is on helping his teammates prepare for Sunday’s game, and “at no time would he ever want to hurt anyone’s feelings.”

Ironically, C.J. Anderson is known as one of the more portly running backs in the NFL, standing 5-foot-8 and 225 pounds. He even took some questions about his weight during media day in the lead up to the Super Bowl, but pushed it off by saying, “Fat, thick, I don’t care. They have a tough time tackling me.”