Kim Kardashian Touts Perfumes For Valentine’s Day Wearing Sultry Nude Colored Bra & Undies

Roy RochlinGetty Images

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Kim Kardashian West is promoting her line of KKW HEARTS perfumes, and the launch of three new scents for 2019: Baby Girl, Baddie, and Wifey. But it isn’t the fragrances that are catching everyone’s attention.

“Our 3 brand new KKW HEARTS Baddie, Wifey & Baby Girl. #KKWHEARTS are the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts! Launching 01.30 exclusively at the #KKWBEAUTY,” she posted on Instagram.

Kardashian West shared a series of photos on Instagram posing next to the Baddie HEART, which is a floral musk. She describes it on her website as a “dynamic, ultra-addictive and captivating floral fragrance that leaves an unforgettable impression.” It blends wild rose, iris, and geranium with golden amber, soft musk, and heady wood into a tantalizing scent.

In an effort to emphasize the attractiveness of the scent, Kardashian West wore a nude-colored, almost see-through bra top that showed off ample cleavage. She paired it with high-waisted and high-cut bottoms that accentuates her well-known thighs and hips. She topped off the outfit with gladiator heels that laced up around her calves.

Her gently waving hair is dyed whitish-blonde with pink highlights poking through. In the first photo, she stands casually next to the Baddie heart, her right arm crossed over her body clutching her left arm, which is hanging loosely at her side. But a quick swipe right reveals a few more provocative photos, each one becoming progressively more sultry.

The second shot shows her kneeling down, her long locks sweeping the ground. Her body leans forward showing off even more of her assets. In the third shot, she’s squatting by the Baddie heart, giving fans a glimpse of her backside, but with different shoes on this time.

It’s the fourth shot that’s really eye-popping. She leaves little to the imagination as she bends over at the waist, her hair hanging down and her derriere thrust upwards into the air. Her wrists sexily clutch her ankles.

This isn’t the only shot promoting her perfumes that will stun you. HEARTS Baby Girl, BAE, BFF, Ride or Die and Wifey each boast different scents and stunning photos of Kardashian West on the website. To promote HEARTS Wifey, Kardashian West planted her rear on the edge of the heart wearing a similar outfit as Baddie, except with nude colored leggings, a longing look on her face.

She changes outfits to pose with the HEARTS Baby Girl, wearing a long-sleeved, toffee-colored body suit. She changes up her hair and outfit in the photo with HEARTS BAE, slipping into tight white shorts and a matching bra top. In the HEARTS BFF photo shoot, Kardashian West wears a skin-tight spaghetti strap dress with lace up heeled boots. A purple bandeau top that barely covers her with a matching snug skirt and a different pair of shoes lends a stunning sensation to the HEARTS Ride or Die photo. If a shopper wasn’t interested in the perfumes to start with, these photos just might do the trick.