Cleveland Browns Rumors: Johnny Manziel Making Strides To Get On The Right Track, But Still Not The Team's Starter

The Cleveland Browns are rumored to be coming around on Johnny Manziel after reportedly putting the troubled quarterback on the trade block, but the turnaround may not have the Heisman Trophy winner anywhere closer to the starting job.

The Johnny Manziel saga has played out in Cleveland for several months now, starting with reports early on last season that he wasn't taking quarterback duties seriously and cared more about partying than learning the playbook. Manziel failed to impress in his few times seeing the field as a rookie, then promptly entered rehab when the season ended.

Then, as the NFL Draft neared, rumors began to grow that the Browns were shopping Manziel and looking to trade up in the draft to land Marcus Mariota. In the end, the Tennessee Titans ended up holding on to the No. 2 pick and taking Mariota themselves, and Manziel stayed with the Browns.

Reports now indicate that the team is coming around on Manziel, who has taken efforts to put his partying lifestyle behind him. After he left rehab, Manziel moved out of downtown Cleveland and into a quiet golf community in the suburbs, and reports this week indicate that he has done away with his famous celebration, as well.

But despite the strides he's taken to straighten up, Johnny Manziel has still found trouble. In May, he was accused of throwing a water bottle at a teenage heckler at the Byron Nelson Classic golf tournament. reported that Manziel threw the bottle at the fan before the spat was quickly broken up.

"Irving police spokesman James McLellan told NEOMG that an 18-year-old male fan began harassing the Browns quarterback near the Four Seasons' pool. Manziel eventually threw a water bottle at the kid, escalating the confrontation. One of Manziel's friends stepped in to intervene on his behalf and hotel security also got involved, McLellan said."
Manziel did not face charges for the incident, but it likely did nothing to help his standing with the team. Reports indicate that Manziel has failed to take over the starting spot. The Cleveland Browns are rumored to be leaning toward veteran Josh McCown, with the hope that Manziel will be able to play his way into the starting position sometime in the next season.

[Image via Getty Images / Tom Pennington]