Artie Lange Arrested Again On Drug Charge, Mugshot Shows ‘Hideously Deformed’ Nose From Decades Of Drug Abuse

Robin MarchantGetty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

Artie Lange has once again been arrested for drug possession, and a mugshot of the actor’s deformed and bloodied nose has gotten some viral interest.

Lange’s management team announced on Wednesday that he was entering a long-term drug treatment program, but the New York Post noted that the announcement did not mention that it was because Lange had been arrested earlier that day on drug possession charges. He had yet to be released from jail as of press time on Thursday.

In the announcement, Lange’s team noted that his upcoming shows were being canceled. It was not clear exactly when he would be released from jail or how long Lange would be in treatment.

There was some dispute over whether Artie Lange was actually arrested, with a representative later saying on Twitter that Lange was only being held in jail for a few days to “sober up” before he headed to the long-term rehab. But Variety reported that the Essex County Correctional Facility inmate database showed Lange was in possession of a controlled substance. It did not list bail for the actor or an upcoming court appearance date.

Artie Lange had narrowly avoided going to jail in December after failing a drug test, prompting Lange to share a picture of his “hideously deformed” nose that he said was the result of using cocaine for more than 30 years. The Daily Mail had previously noted that Lange had a visibly collapsed septum, a condition that results from chronic use of cocaine that causes the cartilage that separates the nose bone from the nostrils to become misaligned.

Lange was in a Newark court last month for an alleged violation of his probation after a drug test showed he had used cocaine and amphetamine within days of his appearance.

At the appearance, a judge told Lange that the drugs were found in his system, and Lange responded.

“I wouldn’t be arrogant enough to come in here after using cocaine for two days,” Lange told the judge.

“It’s in my system and it shouldn’t be.”

At the time, the judge suggested that Artie Lange’s attorney apply for drug court, which tries to keep defendants out of jail by focusing on their recovery and does not punish failed drug tests or relapses. It was not clear if Lange had been admitted to the drug court or if his upcoming trip to a long-term treatment facility is part of the program.