Bethenny Frankel Says She’s Still Recovering From Nearly Fatal Allergic Reaction: It’s ‘A Scary Thing’

Dia DipasupiGetty Images

It’s been over a month since Bethenny Frankel nearly lost her life to a severe allergic reaction to fish, but the reality star says that she is still facing the aftermath of the scary situation.

The reality TV star appeared on Dr. Oz this afternoon and talked about the allergic reaction that she experienced after eating miso soup. Frankel’s boyfriend, Paul Bernon, gave her the cup of soup, which ended up containing some fish element in it. This made Frankel incredibly ill and caused her to fall unconscious and be rushed to the emergency room. Today, Bethenny told Dr. Oz that she is still recovering, which is a shock to her that it’s taken this long.

“I didn’t think that it would be such a recovery process,” the Real Housewives New York City star dished. “I think people sort of just think you just slap an EpiPen and then life goes on. It’s definitely a scary thing.”

And now, Frankel said that she’s scared to be alone and go to restaurants alone because of the incident. She also explained the whole situation to Dr. Oz, telling him that in just a few minutes of her boyfriend being gone, she fell unconscious and was out cold for 15 minutes before she woke up very disoriented. When she came to, she was surrounded by police and EMTs, and was only slightly conscious as she was being wheeled out on the stretcher.

This was not the first time that Frankel had a fish scare in recent months. As the Inquisitr reported, Frankel came under fire from some of her fans on Twitter after a plane that she was on had to be re-routed due to her allergy. Prior to flying, Bethenny reportedly told the airline that she had a fish allergy and couldn’t be around fish in fear of suffering an allergic reaction.

But when she got on the plane she realized that they were serving fish and the plane was forced to re-route. One fan asked Frankel why she doesn’t just fly private since she can afford it and could avoid something like this happening and her response wasn’t what everyone would expect.

“I am fortunate enough to do that sometimes, but it is a massive waste and not environmentally friendly if doing solo. But I hears ya,” she said.

Another follower suggested that Frankel just buy her own private plane and she also had a good response to them.

“I ain’t got it like that. And I want to work less not more,” she tweeted.

Frankel can be seen on Bravo in March on the 11th season of The Real Housewives of New York City.