Jennifer Lopez In Jenni Rivera Biopic Rumor Untrue [Report]

Could Jennifer Lopez play late Mexican-American superstar Jenni Rivera?

Rumors abound that such a thing is actually in play, and that JLo is at the front of the line to portray Rivera in an upcoming biopic. It’s a persuasive rumor, and an interesting one, but a source close to Rivera’s family told Access Hollywood that “The J.Lo rumor is not true.” Still, whenever it comes to information from a “source close to, etc. etc.” you never really know if it’s true or not.

Lopez is well-known for having played late Mexican-American Tejano music star Selena Perez for the 1997 biopic Selena. That association might have earned the Rivera rumor some traction in the press.

It’s not necessarily too soon to be thinking about a Rivera film, though. A concert movie featuring the Latina singer might currently be in the works, reports Yahoo. There has reportedly been talk of putting a film together along the lines of This Is It, the Michael Jackson documentary, which was released after his death.

A Rivera documentary would possibly show the late star’s final concert in Monterrey, Mexico which was filmed right before the fateful plane crash that took her life.

In other BS-sounding JLo-related news, Celebrity Dirty Laundry is reporting (their source is The Globe, which is a tabloid) that Lopez is looking to reconnect with ex Ben Affleck. But this isn’t a romantic reconnection. Rather, “a shameless attempt to ride on Ben’s coat tails and enjoy the waves of extra fame that he has worked for.”

Of course, Affleck’s wife Jennifer Garner is having none of it.

Since Jennifer Lopez is an A-list star already and doesn’t need to ride on anyone’s coat tails, I highly doubt this rumor will swim.

Are you a fan of Jennifer Lopez? Do you think she should play Jenni Rivera?