Boston Brewery Sam Adams Honors Tom Brady With Limited Edition Beer Poking Fun At His Critics

David Spencer

The Boston-based brewery Samual Adams is paying tribute to the New England Patriot's star quarterback Tom Brady with a new limited-edition Double IPA beer in his honor. And the name they have chosen for their new beer gently pokes fun at Brady's critics.

The new beer is called Too Old, Too Slow, Still Here and the label shows a picture of a goat holding a football. The goat is, of course, a reference to Brady's nickname, GOAT, which stands for Greatest Of All Time.

Jim Koch, the founder of Samual Adams, explained the thinking behind their new drink to the Daily Mail.

"We're behind New England Patriots 100 percent as they head to the big game," he said. "The best way we could think to honor the team was to brew a beer for fans that can't make it to Atlanta and a New England style Double IPA with as much spirit as the players felt like the perfect beer."

"We haven't doubted them all season and can't wait to watch them on Sunday with a beer in hand that honors their hard work," Koch continued.

The good news for Koch is that whatever the result on Sunday, it looks like fans of the Patriots can look forward to watching Brady in action for a few more years yet. Despite being 41-years-old, Brady has recently said that there is zero chance of him retiring at the end of this season and that he hopes to play on until he is 45.

Despite his fitness and the fact that he is back in the SuperBowl once again, some continue to question Brady's ability.

"Age has definitely taken a toll," Nickell Robey-Coleman, the cornerback for the LA Rams, recently told Bleacher Report. "For him to still be doing it, that's a great compliment for him. But I think that he's definitely not the same quarterback he was."

But it's not just Boston-based brewers who would dispute this. Brady's own teammates still believe in him and have even been heard to use his age as a tool to motivate him. Julian Edelman, a Patriots wide receiver, was recently overheard during the AFC Championship game telling Brady he was "too old."

The limited edition beer is available starting tomorrow at the Sam Adams tap room.