Charlie Sheen Pokes Fun At His Nutty Past In New 2019 Super Bowl Ad For Planters

Rich PolkGetty Images

Charlie Sheen may want to get into advertising if the acting thing doesn’t work out for him. The former Two and a Half Men star makes a surprise cameo in Planters’ first Super Bowl ad since 2008, and he even flipped the script.

The 30-second spot, titled “Crunch Time,” is set to Motley Crue’s “Kick Start My Heart.” It features the snack brand’s mascot, Mr. Peanut, on wild ride in the Planters Nutmobile to get to Alex Rodriguez’s “nut-mergency” before the baseball legend is forced to settle for a snack of kale chips. On the way, Mr. Peanut flies past Sheen, who is sitting on a park bench.

“And people think I’m nuts?” the 53-year-old actor says as the Nutmobile flies by.

In an interview with People, Charlie Sheen revealed that he actually came up with the line after changing the words in the original script.

“The original line was, ‘That guy’s driving like a nut.’ And then as soon as I said [the new line], I could hear the reaction of the crowd around the monitor. It was pretty obvious that was the one they would go with. It turned into more of a moment.”

The 30-second Planters commercial featuring Charlie Sheen comes from Vayner Media, and is set to run during the second quarter of Super Bowl LIII on February 3, according to Ad Age.

According to People, in a press release about his surprising cameo, Sheen said, “Some may think it’s nuts for me to be in this amazing ad with Mr. Peanut, Having been described as salty over the years, I’m genuinely thrilled to be in the mix.”

Charlie Sheen’s nod to his wild past comes as he celebrates nearly 14 months of sobriety. The actor, whose Super Bowl snacks will include Planters peanuts and ginger ale, revealed his focus is now on his health, family, and work — and that his life-changing decision to get sober came after he had an “epiphany” moment.

Sheen explained that he no longer puts himself in positions where dangerous things could happen to him, and that he has a “game plan” for his life. The father to five says that he now exercises — and spends time with his kids — instead of partying. Sheen also revealed that he hopes his wild past experiences will help prevent his kids from going down a dangerous path as he did.

You can see Charlie Sheen and A-Rod in Planters’ “Crunch Time” Super Bowl ad below.