‘Fuller House’ Is Ending After Season 5

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Fuller House has officially been renewed for Season 5, but there’s a catch. The upcoming season of the Netflix original series will be the last for the Tanner/Fuller/Gibler family.

According to a January 31 report by TVLine, Netflix has decided to pull the plug on Fuller House after five seasons. The show, which is a sequel series to the 1980s and 1990s hit sitcom, Full House, will have its curtain call later this year.

The streaming service, as well as the cast, made the official announcement on Thursday. The bittersweet news delighted and depressed fans of the fun-filled family series. The show stars the original cast members — such as Candace Cameron Bure, Jodi Sweetin, Andrea Barber, Bob Saget, John Stamos, Dave Coulier, and Lori Loughlin — as well as five young actors who play DJ and Kimmy’s children.

The binge-worthy show is promising fans that they’ve saved the best for last, and viewers can’t help but wonder what they’ll see when the final season finally begins streaming.

As viewers already know, Fuller House focuses on DJ Fuller, a widowed mother-of-three, whose husband — Tommy Fuller — tragically died while fighting a fire. DJ moves back home with her father, Danny, who then leaves when he gets a job opportunity in L.A. DJ’s best friend, Kimmy, and her sister, Stephanie, move in with her to help her raise her three sons. Kimmy’s daughter, Ramona, also comes along for the ride.

Kimmy also brings with her a hilarious estranged husband, Fernando (Juan Pablo DiPace). Along the way, DJ meets a fellow veterinarian named Matt Harmon (John Brotherton), and falls in love. However, she can’t seem to shake her feelings for her high school love, Steve Hale (Scott Weinger).

DJ and Steve eventually end up together, and Stephanie’s love life also heats up upon falling hard for Kimmy’s younger brother — Jimmy Gibler (Adam Hagenbuch).

DJ, Kimmy, and Stephanie ultimately grow closer. Kimmy even offers to become a surrogate for Steph, who was told that she couldn’t have children. The end of Season 4 saw Kimmy give birth to Stephanie and Jimmy’s baby girl, though the writers did not reveal the child’s name.

Now, fans are hoping that the series will tie up all of the loose ends, and will give the Tanner family the warm and loving send off that they deserve. This could mean that Kimmy and Fernado, Stephanie and Jimmy, and DJ and Steve could all get married in the final season. Perhaps in a triple wedding!

The fifth and final season of Fuller House is set to drop on Netflix this fall.