Alleged Hitman Claims Robert Kardashian Orchestrated Plan To Have OJ Simpson’s Wife Killed

Robert Kardashian was thrust into the media spotlight following his work with Johnnie Cochran during the infamous O.J. Simpson case. For years, the case has been a major topic of discussion and, even now, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding the mysterious deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. In fact, there are now new reports about the gruesome murders — and an alleged hitman is speaking out about the daunting situation.

According to Radar Online, a man by the name of Bill Wasz claims he was reportedly hired by Robert Kardashian to murder O.J. Simpson’s now-deceased ex-wife. Wasz — who was a 31-year-old career criminal and drug dealer at the time he allegedly met with Robert Kardashian — detailed his first meeting with the late attorney. Wasz is said to have met with Robert Kardashian to orchestrate the murders. He claims to have been paid $15,000 for the murder, which was reportedly planned about six months before it occurred.

Then, the late attorney allegedly made Wasz an offer that would ultimately end Nicole Simpson’s life. “On about January 14, Bill Wasz met Robert Kardashian at his Encino home. At this meeting, Kardashian offered Wasz $15,000 if he would kill Nicole with a.25 caliber bullet to the head. Robert Kardashian also told Wasz he was to steal [O.J.’s then-lover] Paula Barbieri’s car and use it during the murder.”

The grisly partnership began with Robert Kardashian allegedly paying Wasz $1,000 to spy on Nicole. On January 6, 1994, Wasz began following Nicole — and reportedly spotted her kissing one of O.J.’s NFL friends, Marcus Allen, in a restaurant parking lot. After spotting her on January 6 and 7 of that year, Wasz claims he delivered a roll of film to Robert Kardashian — who, in turn, showed the photos to O.J.

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The former NFL player reportedly went ballistic. Robert Kardashian is also said to have had a colorful response to Nicole Simpson’s alleged cheating. “He told me O.J. went ballistic. Robert said, ‘That b***h Nicole is costing O.J. $35,000 a month. She’s the mother of his kids and she’s still [having sex] with everybody. I want her gone, a bullet to the head.'”

At a later date, Wasz claims Robert Kardashian paid him $7,500 “which was to be a partial payment for the killing.” After accepting the money for the orchestrated murder, Wasz began having reservations about the plot — believing that he could possibly be framed for the murder, despite being paid to carry it out.

At the end of January of that year, Wasz reportedly went on a crime spree in a stolen vehicle — and ended up robbing four stores. The crime spree ended with a high-speed chase that led to Wasz crashing into several vehicles. At the time of his arrest, police recovered a notebook from inside the vehicle. The notebook reportedly included information from Wasz having spied on Nicole.

Los Angeles Police Department detectives Bert Luper and Cliff LeFall reportedly interviewed Wasz shortly after the highly publicized murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. In March of 2005, Bill Wasz was found dead as a result of “mysterious circumstances.”