Demi Rose Rocks Latex Harness Bikini & Pink Hair In Sexy New Look

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Demi Rose is changing up her look a bit in her latest photo shoot. The busty Instagram star was spotted rocking pink hair and a latex bondage look for her newest set of photos.

According to a January 31 report by the Daily Mail, Demi Rose has been documenting her recent trip to Thailand for her social media followers to see but took a break to pose for a racy photo shoot in Phuket.

Demi was spotted looking a bit different as she rocked a baby pink latex bikini, complete with a harness that wrapped around her neck and high-waisted bottoms that zipped in the front. The ensemble showed off Rose’s ample cleavage, curvy backside, and flat tummy.

However, there was something else different about Demi in the shoot. She also sported long, pink locks to match her bondage-themed bikini. The Instagram model had her pink hair parted down the middle and styled in long, straight locks that cascaded around her face and shoulders, and fell down her back during the photos.

Rose also sported a full face of makeup for the bikini photo shoot, donning dark lashes and eyebrows, a bright-eyed look, pink lips, and a bronzed glow on her entire body. Demi also wore pink polish on her nails and a ring on her right hand.

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While Demi Rose seems very happy and confident about how her body looks now, she has stated in the past that she didn’t always feel that way. According to The Talko, the model has struggled with body image issues in the past.

“I had a curvy figure at 16 and wanted to lose a load of weight so I went through a period of getting so skinny and putting myself on a strict diet. I was so unhappy and hated my body… One day I woke up and realized I had to get better for myself. I started going to the gym, eating normally, and now I’m so confident with my body,” she previously stated.

In addition, the model also reveals that she started her path to fame at a young age and would oftentimes be posting photos to former popular social media site MySpace, even while she was at school.

“Even when I was at school, I would be posting pictures to MySpace. I had a profile at a very young age to contact my friends so I would post pictures on there – even bikini pictures, so that was the first stage of building confidence,” she added.

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