Drake Leaves $200 In Cash Tips For Two Lucky Los Angeles McDonald’s Employees

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Over the weekend, Drake reportedly visited a McDonald’s in Los Angeles for some late night snacks — and generously tipped two employees $100 each in cash. Photos of the rapper in the fast food restaurant handing out the bills went viral on Twitter this week, with many thanking Drake for his kind gesture (and perhaps wishing that they had been on the receiving end).

Initial reports stated that Drake gave the employees $10,000 each, but a McDonald’s rep confirmed that the amount was “greatly exaggerated,” according to NY Daily News.

A Twitter user named AJ was the first to share on the social media site that Drake was standing in their local McDonald’s restaurant.

“Just saw Drake in McDonald’s… crazy,” they wrote. “And he gave two female employees $10,000 each… in cash.”

When another user asked for proof, AJ shared a photo of Drake standing at the counter, pointing at something off-camera as he spoke to a female employee. Two bodyguards stood watch behind the 32-year-old “God’s Plan” rapper.

Drake himself later shared photographic evidence of his outing on Instagram, Fox News reported. The photo showed Drake and a friend leaning over the counter, smiling and looking ahead as the famous menu looms above them.

Hundreds of fans shared the initial tweet, and expressed jealousy towards the two lucky employees.

“If you’re gonna hand out $20k at McDonald’s fam I’ll gladly accept some too,” one user wrote, still referring to the original rumored amount.

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“Can Drake come to my McDonald’s?” another user wrote with angry emojis, according to Complex.

One user pointed out how “awkward” it may have been for the employees at the restaurant who didn’t receive any money.

Drake has been praised for his generosity in the past, having handed out cash and free meals to random passers-by on a few occasions. Following a concert at The Forum in Inglewood, California, in October, the rapper reportedly treated fans to McDonald’s famous nuggets and french fries at his Poppy Nightclub after party.

The food was served on silver platters with neon lights in the shape of McDonald’s golden arches, People reported. Partygoers included former Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star EJ Johnson, Pia Mia, vlogger Jeff Whittek, Jamie Foxx’s daughter, and Sean “Diddy” Combs’ son.

The 35-time Grammy nominee also created a huge buzz with his “God’s Plan” music video. Drake entered a crowded supermarket in a blue-collar Florida neighborhood and shouted through a megaphone that “anything you guys want in the store is free — whatever you guys want!”

The gesture brought many customers to tears. Drake continued to interact with fans closely in the video, even handing out thousands of dollars in cash. In addition to buying groceries, the rapper reportedly donated at least $200,000 in scholarship money to Miami students.