Will ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Brittany Cartwright Take Jax Taylor’s Real Last Name After They Get Married?

Charles SykesBravo

Will Brittany Cartwright become “Brittany Taylor” or “Brittany Cauchi” once she and Jax Taylor are married?

According to a new report, the Vanderpump Rules couple hasn’t decided on which name they’ll choose quite yet.

“We’ve discussed it a little bit here and there,” Taylor admitted during a recent interview with the Daily Dish. “We kind of make jokes about it because I have multiple last names.”

While Cartwright and Taylor aren’t married quite yet, they are getting married at some point this year. So, deciding on a last name for Cartwright is something they should do soon.

As for what last name Taylor would prefer Cartwright to have, he told the Daily Dish he’d like to see her keep her own last name — while their kids would take his legal last name, which is “Cauchi.” As for Cartwright, she wasn’t sure which last name she should have, but made it clear that “Taylor” was not an option.

“I’m still deciding what exactly we are going to do with that because no one knows Jax as ‘Jax Cauchi.’ They know him as ‘Jax Taylor.’ So, if I’m all of the sudden ‘Brittany Cartwright-Cauchi,’ I feel like people are going to be like, ‘What?’ And I think that may be a little confusing and he thinks so too,” she explained.

“‘Taylor’ is his mom’s maiden name. I would never take ‘Taylor,’ but our kids will definitely be ‘Cauchi,'” she added.

Below is a photo of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright posing in front of their Kentucky wedding venue.

Taylor and Cartwright became engaged in June of last year, after just over three years of dating. At the time, both Taylor and Cartwright shared the news with their fans and followers on Instagram with a series of photos of one another — and of Cartwright’s stunning, three-carat diamond engagement ring. Months later, Vanderpump Rules fans watched the romantic moment play out on the season seven premiere of the show.

During an interview with People in December of last year, Cartwright and Taylor opened up about their summer wedding. They revealed that they had agreed on The Kentucky Castle, seen above, as their wedding venue right away.

“The castle… I’ve known I wanted to get married there since I was 10. So, it was very great that [Jax] loved the castle,” Cartwright explained.

“It’s awesome. It’s so beautiful,” Taylor agreed.

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